Stella playing the guitar while Summer watches.

Spiritfarer: How to Play Guitar

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Key Takeaway

You can play the guitar in Spiritfarer by standing next to a plant and holding down a certain button: X for Nintendo Switch, Triangle for PlayStation 4, Y for Xbox One, and F for PC.

Playing the guitar in Spiritfarer is a great way to make your plants and food grow faster. Summer will introduce you to the concept of playing music to help grow your plants, though you can do this from the beginning.

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    Benefit of Playing the Guitar

    The major benefit of playing the guitar in Spiritfarer is that your plants will grow much more quickly. This isn’t something you’re required to do, but you can grow food and other materials (such as Linen) quicker by doing so. You can make your plant become fully grown by playing through a few riffs. The best times to play guitar are at night when your guests are sleeping or while you are heading towards a destination, as you don’t have a designated activity taking place.

    How to Start Playing Guitar

    A prompt showing which button to push to start playing guitar on Nintendo Switch.

    Summer, a side character introduced relatively early in the game, will raise the topic of playing music for plants once she boards your ship. However, you can play the guitar at any time if you know how.

    To play the guitar, you must simply hold down a single button. Doing so will make Stella transform her Everlight into the guitar and begin playing. However, this button varies depending on which platform you’re using:

    • Nintendo Switch: Hold the X button
    • PlayStation 4: Hold the Triangle button
    • Xbox One: Hold the Y button
    • PC and Mac: Hold the F button (Due to a bug, some users have reported pressing Space and then F to play guitar, while others have reported that pressing R works.)

    Once Stella begins playing the guitar, you will see guitar riffs appear towards the top of the screen. Simply push the buttons you’re prompted to when they reach the line.