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Splatoon 3: All Badges, and How to Get Them

Badges are another way to show off your Splatoon 3 skills. With so many to unlock, you'll need to know where to start.

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Key Takeaway

There are almost 400 different badges available as of the current Fresh Season in Splatoon 3. To unlock them all, you’ll want to work towards a number of different player milestones.

You can unlock over 300 different badges in Splatoon 3. These colorful awards can be displayed on your Splashtag to show off a range of your achievements and milestones. First, though, you’ll need to know what they are and how to get them.

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    What Are Badges in Splatoon 3?

    Badges are another way of showing off your skill and prowess in Splatoon 3. Alongside the game’s other options for profile customization, there’s a multitude of badges to unlock and display.

    Once you’ve earned a badge in Splatoon 3, you can use it to decorate your Splashtag. Up to three badges can be shown off on your Splashtag, your online profile. Combined with a colorful and creative banner, badges are a great way to demonstrate your Splatoon 3 credentials and style in online battles.

    However, with more than 300 different badges to discover and unlock, there’s definitely a lot to get through. Fortunately, the more you play the game, the easier it’ll become to bag some of those elusive badges for your Splashtag. In addition, many of the badges are tiered. This means that even once you’ve unlocked them, they’ll continue to level up to a gold standard the more you play.

    Types of Badges Available

    With such a wide variety of badges, it can be confusing to know where to start. There are different types of badges up for grabs in Splatoon 3. Some of them are linked to particular achievements, whereas others are specific to certain game modes, for example. Others can be obtained by hitting certain spending milestones in the game’s gear shops or the Shell-Out Machine.

    As of the current Fresh Season, you can earn up to 387 badges. These include badges for playing Splatoon 3’s main story mode and defeating certain bosses. You’ll also be awarded badges for Weapon Freshness, after raising a particular main weapon’s level up to four and five stars. Bearing in mind you can earn these badges for each and every weapon the game has to offer, there’ll be quite a few different ones to work towards.

    Badges can be picked up for winning Turf War battles a certain number of times, or for getting a win with a special weapon on a set number of occasions. Leveling up to certain milestone numbers will also earn you a badge, as will taking part in the game’s co-op PvE mode, Salmon Run. You’ll also be able to earn badges based on your gear, as well as for placing a certain number of orders for Food and Drink items at the Crab-N-Go.

    All Badges, and How to Get Them

    There are a lot of different badges to find in Splatoon 3. You can unlock them by fulfilling the following criteria for each of the categories listed below.

    Level Badges

    These badges will be awarded once you hit the following level milestones. You can level up pretty quickly in Splatoon 3 by playing online Turf War battles and other multiplayer game modes. Badges are awarded at the following level increments.

    • Level 30
    • Level 50
    • Level 100
    • Level 200
    • Level 300
    • Level 400
    • Level 500
    • Level 600
    • Level 700
    • Level 800
    • Level 900
    • Level 999

    Badges for levels 30, 50, 100, and 200 are bronze in color. Reaching levels 300, 400, 500, and 600 will earn you a silver-colored badge. At levels 700, 800, and 900 the badges are gold, and at level 999 a special blue and gold rosette-style badge will be awarded.

    Story Mode Badges

    Taking part in Splatoon 3’s main campaign mode will also earn you some badges. Return of the Mammalians is the game’s single-player story mode that can be accessed through the main sewer grate in Splatsville, or from the main menu. This will take you to the campaign zones of The Crater and Alterna. Playing through the story will allow you to obtain five different Return of the Mammalians badges.

    DJ Octavio - DJ Octavio Defeated!Defeat the boss DJ Octavio in The Crater
    Cuttlefish - Story Mode Cleared!Complete the Alterna Space Center sequence
    Callie - Max Hero Level Achieved!Collect the maximum of 99 Upgrade Points
    Marie - Max Hero Level Achieved!Collect the maximum of 99 Upgrade Points
    Mr Grizz - Secret Kettle Found and Cleared!Unlock and clear the secret After Alterna level

    Salmon Run Badges

    Salmon Run is Splatoon 3’s co-op PvE mode and works very differently from its standard multiplayer battles.

    A character leveling up after taking part in Splatoon 3's Salmon Run

    These badges can be a bit more difficult to obtain as they often require you to reach a certain rank or kill certain bosses a number of times. The following badges can be picked up by taking part in the game’s Salmon Run mode.

    Stage Badges

    To get these badges, you’ll need to reach the following ranks of the Eggsecutive VP title when playing Salmon Run.

    Stage badgeStandardBronzeSilverGold
    Spawning GroundsRank 200Rank 400Rank 600Rank 999
    Sockeye StationRank 200Rank 400Rank 600Rank 999
    Marooner's BayRank 200Rank 400Rank 600Rank 999
    Gone Fission HydroplantRank 200Rank 400Rank 600Rank 999

    Grizzco Points Badges

    These badges will be unlocked after you earn a specific number of lifetime Grizzco Points. You’ll pick these up by playing Salmon Run matches. So, the more you play, the more points you’ll accumulate over time.

    Bronze Grizzco BadgeEarn 10,000 Grizzco Points
    Silver Grizzco BadgeEarn 100,000 Grizzco Points
    Gold Grizzco BadgeEarn 9,999,999 Grizzco Points

    King and Boss Salmonid Badges

    Badges for killing King Salmonids Cohozuna and Horrorboros can be earned after splatting them a certain number of times. Likewise, taking down regular Boss Salmonids a set number of times will unlock boss-specific badges.

    King Salmonid BadgeCriteria
    Standard Cohozuna BadgeSplat Cohozuna 10 times
    Silver Cohozuna BadgeSplat Cohozuna 100 times
    Gold Cohozuna BadgeSplat Cohozuna 1000 times
    Standard Horrorboros BadgeSplat Horrorboros 10 times
    Silver Horrorboros BadgeSplat Horrorboros 100 times
    Gold Horrorboros BadgeSplat Horrorboros 1000 times
    Boss Salmonid Badge (Quality)Criteria
    Steelhead (Standard, Silver, Gold)Splat boss x 10, 100 and 100
    Steel Eel (Standard, Silver, Gold)Splat boss x 10, 100 and 100
    Scrapper (Standard, Silver, Gold)Splat boss x 10, 100 and 100
    Stinger (Standard, Silver, Gold)Splat boss x 10, 100 and 100
    Maws (Standard, Silver, Gold)Splat boss x 10, 100 and 100
    Drizzler (Standard, Silver, Gold)Splat boss x 10, 100 and 100
    Flyfish (Standard, Silver, Gold)Splat boss x 10, 100 and 100
    Fish Stick (Standard, Silver, Gold)Splat boss x 10, 100 and 100
    Flipper-Flopper (Standard, Silver, Gold)Splat boss x 10, 100 and 100
    Slammin' Lid (Standard, Silver, Gold)Splat boss x 10, 100 and 100
    Big Shot (Standard, Silver, Gold)Splat boss x 10, 100 and 100

    Additional Salmon Run Badges

    You can also pick up the MAX Hazard Level badge for clearing Salmon Run at the mode’s maximum hazard level. Additionally, there are three badges available for reaching a certain player performance percentage in Salmon Run’s Big Run and Eggstra Work events. These special scenarios differ slightly from the standard Salmon Run waves and are often time-limited. Be sure to keep an eye out for them!

    In the Big Run event, players reaching the top 50% will earn a purple Big Run badge. Those who make it into the top 20% will pick up a silver Big Run badge and those who put in a top 5% performance will earn a gold Big Run badge.

    Eggstra Work badges are pretty similar, with those who put in a performance that makes the top 50% picking up a bronze badge. The top 20% will get a silver badge and those in the top 5% will be awarded a gold badge.

    Battle Badges

    These badges can be obtained by taking part in Splatoon 3’s online multiplayer battles. This includes Turf War, Anarchy Battles, and Splatfest event battles.

    A Turf War battle taking place in Splatoon 3

    You can also earn badges for reaching Rank A, Rank S, and Rank S+ in Anarchy Battles.

    Other battle-based milestone badges include X Battle badges, for reaching the top 3,000, 500, and 10, respectively. You can also pick up a couple of badges for leveling up your Catalog to level 50 and then level 100.

    Judd Badge - StandardWin 50 Turf War battles
    Judd Badge - SilverWin 250 Turf War battles
    Judd Badge - GoldWin 1200 Turf War battles
    Splat Zones Badge - StandardWin 100 Splat Zones matches in Anarchy Battles
    Splat Zones Badge - GoldWin 1000 Splat Zones matches in Anarchy Battles
    Tower Control Badge - StandardWin 100 Tower Control matches in Anarchy Battles
    Tower Control Badge - GoldWin 1000 Tower Control matches in Anarchy Battles
    Rainmaker Badge - StandardWin 100 Rainmaker matches in Anarchy Battles
    Rainmaker Badge - GoldWin 1000 Rainmaker matches in Anarchy Battles
    Clam Blitz Badge - StandardWin 100 Clam Blitz matches in Anarchy Battles
    Clam Blitz Badge - GoldWin 1000 Clam Blitz matches in Anarchy Battles
    Tricolor Turf War Badge - Standard (Attacker)Win one Tricolor Turf War battle as an attacker during Splatfest
    Tricolor Turf War Badge - Standard (Defender)Win one Tricolor Turf War battle as a defender during Splatfest
    Tricolor Turf War Badge - Gold (Attacker)Win 10 Tricolor Turf War battles as an attacker during Splatfest
    Tricolor Turf War Badge - Gold (Defender)Win 10 Tricolor Turf War battles as a defender during Splatfest
    Ruler of Splatfest BadgeEarn the Ruler of Splatfest title

    Tableturf Battle Badges

    Playing the game’s Tableturf Battle mode can earn a few different badges. You can pick up a purple, silver, and gold badge for reaching Tableturf Battle rank 30, 40, and 50, respectively.

    Additionally, the number of cards you collect for Tableturf Battles can help you get some badges. Holding 90 cards will unlock a purple badge, having 120 cards will unlock a silver badge, and owning 150 cards will earn you a gold card collection badge.

    There’s also a special badge for masters of the Tableturf Battle Dojo. The Tableturf Battle Dojo Max Level Champ badge can be earned by defeating every character on Level 3 at least once in this mode.

    Weapon Freshness Badges

    You’ll be rewarded with two badges per main weapon once you’ve raised its Freshness level to a certain point. The first badge is unlocked after raising a weapon’s Freshness level to four stars. This is a standard badge and to get your hands on it, you’ll need to ensure you’ve inked enough turf in battles to accumulate 160,000 Battle Points.

    To get hold of the gold version of a weapon’s badge, you’ll need to raise its Freshness level even further, to five stars. To unlock this, you’ll need to have inked 1,160,000 Battle Points worth of turf in your matches.

    A character using a Tri-Stringer weapon to spray yellow ink in Splatoon 3

    These badges are unique to each different type of weapon in their respective categories. That means that there’s a lot to work towards. Splatoon 3 has a variety of different weapons for you to try out from within the following categories.

    • Shooter weapons
    • Roller weapons
    • Charger weapons
    • Slosher weapons
    • Splatling weapons
    • Dualie weapons
    • Brella weapons
    • Blaster weapons
    • Brush weapons
    • Stringer weapons
    • Splatana weapons

    Special Weapon Badges

    You can earn badges for each of the game’s special weapons too. These are awarded for getting a certain number of wins with a special weapon, and are purple, silver, and gold in quality.

    To pick up the purple badge, you’ll need to get 30 wins with a particular special weapon equipped. For the silver badge, you need 180 wins and for the gold, it’s 1,200 wins.

    If you’re aiming to get these badges you’ll just need to make sure that your choice of main weapon comes with the corresponding special weapon in its loadout.

    Gear and Shop Badges

    All of Splatoon 3’s gear items come with badge rewards after leveling up their number of stars. For each piece of specifically branded gear, a standard and gold badge can be unlocked. To do this, you’ll need to increase its star count to 30 for the standard badge, and then 100 stars for the gold badge. This applies to gear items from the in-game brands listed below.

    • Annaki
    • Barazushi
    • Emberz
    • Enperry
    • Firefin
    • Forge
    • Inkline
    • Krak-On
    • Rockenberg
    • Skalop
    • Splash Mob
    • SquidForce
    • Takoroka
    • Tentatek
    • Toni Kensa
    • Zekko
    • Zink
    • Z+F

    Purchases and Ordering Badges

    Badges are also awarded for hitting certain spending milestones. You can get your hands on a standard and gold badge for spending either 100,000 Cash or 1,000,000 Cash in Splatoon 3’s gear shops. These include Naut Couture, Cooler Heads, Man-o’-Wardrobe, Jelly Fresh, Crush Station, Shrimp Kicks, and Hotlantis.

    Likewise, there are badges to be earned from your spending at the Shell-Out Machine. There are three golden bar badges to pick up by spending massive amounts of Cash at the capsule vending machine. The first tier badge can be unlocked by spending 300,000 Cash, the second tier becomes available after spending 3,000,000 and the top tier unlocks after spending 30,000,000 Cash.

    You can also get hold of three different Shell-Out Machine jackpot badges. Hitting the game’s jackpot four times will earn you a standard Shell-Out Machine jackpot badge. Win it eight times for a silver badge and hit the jackpot on the machine 16 times for the gold badge.

    Placing orders with Murch and Spyke a number of times will also unlock standard and gold Murch and Spyke badges. Place 10 orders for a standard badge and place 100 orders for the gold version.

    Finally, using your Food and Drink Tickets at the Crab-N-Go a number of times will get you one of three Concessions badges. Order items 10 times for a standard badge, make 100 orders for a silver badge, and order items 1,000 times for the gold.