The Crab-N-Go stand in Splatoon 3 where Food Tickets can be redeemed

Splatoon 3: How to Get Food Tickets & Drink Tickets

Make sure you grab a bite at the Crab-N-Go to make some extra cash and level up even faster.

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Key Takeaway

Use Food and Drink Tickets to increase XP and Cash gains in Splatoon 3. You can obtain Food and Drink Tickets in different ways, by playing particular game modes or spending some hard-earned coins.

Splatoon 3 gives players plenty of ways to customize their style and boost their skills during battles. A great way to bag some bonuses when you’re inking your way through the game is by using food and drink items. To do so, you’ll need to get some special tickets.

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    What Are Food Tickets?

    Food Tickets are a special type of currency used in Splatoon 3. You can use Food Tickets at the Crab-N-Go concession stand to access a range of unique bonuses and boosts. It can be found in the main Battle Lobby, on the right-hand side wall as you enter the Lobby itself.

    The Crab-N-Go stand in Splatoon 3's main Battle Lobby

    The Crab-N-Go store sells six different food items that will boost either the amount of Cash or Level experience you’ll gain for the next 20 online multiplayer battles you take part in. Private battles won’t count though, so any boosts you’ve applied by eating a food item won’t be awarded in those.

    The Crab-N-Go sells the following food options, which will award you with the following bonuses.

    • Crab Trap Sandwich – Increases battle cash by 50%
    • Commercial Crab Trap Sandwich – Doubles battle cash
    • The Pescatariat – Increases battle XP by 50%
    • The Pescatariat Royale – Doubles battle XP
    • Mega Mountain a la Marigold – Doubles battle cash for all teammates
    • Marigold’en Garden Greens – Doubles battle XP for all teammates
    The food menu at the Crab-N-Go in Splatoon 3

    You’ll need a specific type of ticket for each food item you wish to buy. So, once you have one or more, it’s worth checking the Crab-N-Go stand to see exactly what you’re eligible to exchange them for.

    What Are Drink Tickets?

    Drink Tickets are similarly used as currency in Splatoon 3. As with Food Tickets, you’ll be able to use them at the Crab-N-Go in exchange for specific drinks. Drink items also allow for bonuses when playing through online battles. However, the boosts are a bit different from those offered by food items.

    All drinks sold at the Crab-N-Go increase Gear experience gain by 50% for the following 20 online multiplayer battles. On top of this, drinks will also boost the chances for a gear item’s secondary ability slot to roll a specific ability. This ability will correspond to the ability listed on the drink purchased.

    The Crab-N-Go sells the following drinks, all of which have their specific abilities listed below.

    • Main Mega Pucker-Up – Ink Saver (Main)
    • Sub Berry Blaster Blitz – Ink Saver (Sub)
    • Ink-Well Chiller – Ink Recovery Up
    • Speedy Gazpacho – Run Speed Up
    • Cherry Apple Fizz – Swim Speed Up
    • Ma’s Special Blend – Special Charge Up
    • Salty Melon Special – Special Saver
    • Smoothie Especial – Special Power Up
    • Matcha Reviver – Quick Respawn
    • Citrus Hip-Hopper – Quick Super Jump
    • Super Sub Juicer – Sub Power Up
    • Stompin’ Grape – Ink Resistance Up
    • Sub Lime – Sub Resistance Up
    • Actionberry Twist – Intensify Action
    The drinks menu at the Crab-N-Go in Splatoon 3

    As with Food Tickets, you’ll need the specific Drink Ticket to claim one of these drinks from the Crab-N-Go. Make sure to check which one you’re able to redeem once you’ve picked a Drink Ticket up.

    How to Get Food and Drink Tickets

    There are a few different ways for you to earn Food Tickets and Drink Tickets in Splatoon 3. Many can be discovered by playing through a couple of the game’s main adventure modes. However, you can also get your hands on tickets with Cash, if you’d prefer to spend some of your earnings to accumulate potential rewards.

    Play Splatoon 3’s Hero Mode

    Firstly, you’ll be rewarded with Tickets for food and drink by working your way through the game’s single-player story campaign, Hero Mode. Once you’ve made it through The Crater and into the main Alterna zone in story mode, you’ll be able to find a number of Food Tickets hidden across the Fuzzy Ooze-coated islands.

    Blast away fuzzballs using your companion Smallfry to uncover buried Loot Anchors. These can be splatted open to reveal different treasures, some of which are Food Tickets.

    You’ll also be rewarded with Tickets for working through the different missions in story mode, so be sure to put some time aside to play through Alterna if you want them.

    Raise Your Catalog Level

    Another way to get hold of Tickets for food and drink items is through the Catalog. This is Splatoon 3‘s answer to a battle pass system and will reward you with different seasonal items as you level up. Some of these rewards include Food and Drink Tickets, which are provided as you reach different Catalog levels.

    A Drink Ticket catalog level up reward in Splatoon 3

    As of the current Fresh Season 2023, Tickets are received as you reach the following Catalog levels.

    • Level 3 – Food Ticket (Double XP)
    • Level 21 – Drink Ticket (Random)
    • Level 27 – Food Ticket (Random)
    • Level 34 – Drink Ticket (Random)
    • Level 39 – Food Ticket (Random)
    • Level 49 – Drink Ticket (Random)
    • Level 59 – Food Ticket (Random)
    • Level 64 – Drink Ticket (Random)
    • Level 71 – Drink Ticket (Random)
    • Level 81 – Drink Ticket (Random)
    • Level 87 – Food Ticket (Random)
    • Level 93 – Drink Ticket (Random)

    These increments may change with future seasons, but leveling up your Catalog is a surefire way to obtain some Food and Drink Tickets. You can increase your Catalog level by taking part in online multiplayer battles and by taking part in the Salmon Run mode.

    Take Part in the Salmon Run

    Taking part in the game’s Salmon Run co-op mode is another way to earn Food and Drink Tickets. This wave-based PvE game pits you and a team of others against enemy Salmonids as you attempt to gather Golden Eggs.

    You’ll earn Grizzco Points for each round completed in the Salmon Run mode, every hundred of which will bag you some bonus reward capsules. Blue capsules will contain a Drink Ticket and orange capsules contain a Food Ticket.

    Play the Shell-Out Machine

    You can also try and pick up some Food and Drink Tickets from the Shell-Out Machine. This capsule vending machine is located in the main Battle Lobby and may reward you with various items. You’ll need to use your Cash to play for the chance to win a random reward, some of which are Food and Drink Tickets.

    A Drink Ticket reward from the Shell-Out Machine in Splatoon 3

    However, this could be an expensive strategy. You’ll be able to play for 5,000 Cash once per day. Each subsequent use of the Shell-Out Machine will set you back 30,000 Cash.

    However, you can also use Conch Shells in the Shell-Out Machine if there’s a Splatfest event taking place. This will save you Cash and give you more chances to win Tickets from the machine.

    Benefits of Using Food and Drink Tickets

    Food and Drink Tickets are a great way to level up faster in Splatoon 3. While they’re something that could be easily overlooked, making use of Food and Drink Tickets is vital for making extra Cash and hitting those higher XP levels quickly.

    It’s important to build up that bank balance in Splatoon 3, as you can use Cash for a number of different gear upgrades and cosmetic purchases. If you want to get some new decorative items for your locker, for example, you’ll want to use your Cash at Hotlantis.

    You’ll need plenty of available Cash to play the Shell-Out Machine too, so Cash-boosting bonuses from Food Tickets are definitely worth applying if you’re planning on jumping into a few online Turf War battles.

    Drink Tickets in particular will help you improve the chances of a certain piece of your gear rolling a specific ability. This can enhance your gear loadout in the long term if you’re looking to give it a particular upgrade.

    It’s important to remember that these bonus effects from food and drink items are only applied to online multiplayer battles. These include Turf War matches and Anarchy Battles. Boosts and bonuses obtained through consuming food and drink items won’t work in the game’s story mode, Tableturf Battles or in the Salmon Run.

    You won’t be able to have two bonuses from food or drink items active at the same time. However, if you’re playing online with a team, you’ll be able to benefit from shared boosts if any of your teammates have eaten the Marigold dishes from Crab-N-Go.