Sturgeon in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley: Complete Sturgeon Guide

This ancient bottom-feeder produces a Roe that's required for a special Artisan good.

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Key Takeaway

You can catch Sturgeon at the Mountain Lake between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. in any weather during the summer or winter.

The Sturgeon is a Fish in Stardew Valley that’s quite difficult to catch. It’s worth the effort, though, as Sturgeon is required if you want to farm your own Caviar, a high-selling Artisan good.

Table Of Contents

    Sturgeon Basics

    Sturgeon are difficult fish to catch during the early game, but they net a good bit of revenue that’s much-needed when you’re first starting out.

    GradeBase PriceFisher (+25%)Angler (+50%)

    Sturgeon is also a decent source of Energy and Health.

    GradeHealing Effect
    • +25 Energy
    • +11 Health
    • +35 Energy
    • +15 Health
    • +45 Energy
    • +20 Health
    • +65 Energy
    • +29 Health

    When, Where, and How to Catch Sturgeon

    You can catch Sturgeon at the Mountain Lake between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. during summer and winter. Luckily, Sturgeon can be caught during any weather conditions, though the chances are smaller when it’s raining.

    You can attach bait to your fishing rod (if you have the Fiberglass rod or better) to increase the frequency of a bite. While the Sturgeon is possible to catch during most hours of the day, the chances of it biting are still less than other fish. Using bait will help increase your chances.

    If you’re not much of a fisher, you can find Sturgeon for sale with a bit of luck at the Traveling Cart for 600-1000g or in Krobus’ shop on Wednesdays for 200g.

    Finally, you can catch Sturgeon any time, any day if you’re using Magic Bait.

    Recipes That Require Sturgeon

    There aren’t any recipes that strictly require Sturgeon. However, there are three recipes that accept any Fish as an ingredient, so you can use Sturgeon for those recipes.

    Maki Roll
    • Any Fish (1)
    • Seaweed (1)
    • Rice (1)
    Fish and rice wrapped in seaweed.
    Quality Fertilizer
    • Any Fish (1)
    • Sap (2)
    Improves soil quality, increasing your chance to grow quality crops. Mix into tilled soil.
    • Any Fish (1)
    Raw fish sliced into thin pieces.

    Gifting Sturgeon

    You should avoid gifting Sturgeon to villagers in Stardew Valley, with Willy being the only exception. Willy loves Sturgeon, so gift as many as you can to quickly increase Friendship Points. Everyone else feels neutral, dislikes, or hates Sturgeon.

    Sturgeon in Fish Ponds

    You can place Sturgeon in a Fish Pond. The initial capacity is only 1 Sturgeon, though this can be increased by completing quests. You’ll earn 40 Fishing XP for each quest you complete. Here’s what you can expect.

    Capacity Before QuestCapacity After QuestQuest Item (One of):
    • Diamond (1)
    • Jelly (1)
    • Maple Syrup (2)
    • Pickles (1)
    • Omni Geodes (3)
    • Nautilus Shell (1)

    The Sturgeon will produce 1 to 2 Sturgeon Roe. You can place the Sturgeon Roe in a Preserves Jar to make Caviar.

    Other Uses of Sturgeon

    Sturgeon has a couple other uses in Stardew Valley. It’s a required item in the Lake Fish Bundle in the Community Center. Sturgeon can also be used in the Sewing Machine to tailor the Fishing Vest.

    Sturgeon isn’t used in any quests in Stardew Valley.