Villagers getting gifts they love in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Gifts: All Universal Loves, Likes, Neutrals, Dislikes, and Hates

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Every villager in Stardew Valley has unique tastes, but there are still certain gifts that are universally loved, liked, disliked, hated, or have a neutral feeling toward. These gifts help you make friends (or enemies) with each villager.

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    Universal Loves

    Gifts that are liked will increase your friendship with the villager you give it to by 80 points.

    • Golden Pumpkin
    • Magic Rock Candy
    • Pearl
    • Prismatic Shard
    • Rabbit’s Foot

    Universal Loves Exceptions

    Gifts that are universally loved have two exceptions.

    HaleyHates Prismatic Shard
    PennyHates Rabbit's Foot

    Universal Likes

    Gifts that are liked will increase your friendship with the villager you give it to by 45 points.

    • All Artisan Goods (exclusions: Oil and Void Mayonnaise)
    • All Cooking (exclusions: Fried Egg, Bread, Strange Bun, and Seafoam Pudding)
    • All Flowers (exclusions: Poppy)
    • All Foraged Minerals (exclusions: Quartz)
    • All Fruit Tree Fruits (exclusions: Banana and Mango)
    • All Gems (exclusions: Prismatic Shard)
    • All Vegetables (exclusions: Hops, Tea Leaves, Wheat, and Unmilled Rice)
    • Life Elixir
    • Maple Syrup

    Universal Likes Exceptions

    There are many exceptions to universal likes. Take a close look at each villagers exception so that you don’t accidentally insult the villager by gifting them something they hate.

    AbigailLoves: Amethyst, Banana Pudding, Blackberry Cobbler, Chocolate Cake, Spicy Eel, and Pumpkin

    Dislikes: All Vegetables except Pumpkin
    AlexLoves: Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner
    CarolineLoves: Green Tea, Fish Taco, Tropical Curry, and Summer Spangle

    Likes: Tea Leaves

    Dislikes; Duck Mayonnaise, Mayonnaise, and Amaranth
    ClintLoves: Artichoke Dip, Fiddlehead Risotto, and all Gems except Diamond

    Dislikes: All Flowers except Poppy
    DemetriusLoves: Bean Hotpot, Ice Cream, and Rice Pudding
    DwarfLoves: All Gems except Diamond
    ElliottLoves: Crab Cakes, Tom Kha Soup, and Pomegranate

    Dislikes: Pizza

    Hates: Amaranth
    EmilyLoves: Cloth, Survival Burger, and all Gems except Diamond

    Dislikes: Fried Eel, Ice Cream, Rice Pudding, and Spicy Eel

    Hates: Fish Taco, Maki Roll, Salmon Dinner, and Sashimi
    EvelynLoves: Chocolate Cake, Stuffing, Fairy Rose, Tulip, Diamond, and Beet

    Hates: Fried Eel, Maki Roll, Sashimi, Spicy Eel, Trout Soup, and Garlic
    GeorgeLoves: Fried Mushroom

    Dislikes: All Flowers except Poppy
    GusLoves: Escargot, Fish Taco, Tropical Curry, Orange, and Diamond

    Hates: Coleslaw
    HaleyLoves: Fruit Salad, Pink Cake, and Sunflower

    Dislikes: All Vegetables except Hops and Wheat
    HarveyLoves: Coffee, Pickles, Truffle Oil, Wine, and Super Meal

    Dislikes: Cheese, Goat Cheese, Blueberry Tart, Chocolate Cake, Cookie, Cranberry Sauce, Fried Mushroom, Glazed Yams, Hashbrowns, Ice Cream, Pancakes, Pink Cake, Pizza, Rhubarb Pie, and Rice Pudding
    JasLoves: Pink Cake, Plum Pudding, and Fairy Rose

    Dislikes: All Vegetables except Hops and Wheat

    Hates: Triple Shot Espresso and all Artisan Goods except Honey, Jelly, and Oil
    JodiLoves: Chocolate Cake, Crispy Bass, Eggplant Parmesan, Fried Eel, Pancakes, Rhubarb Pie, Vegetable Medley, and Diamond

    Dislikes: Garlic
    KentLoves: Fiddlehead Risotto and Roasted Hazelnuts

    Hates: Algae Soup, Sashimi, and Tortilla
    KrobusLoves: Diamond and Pumpkin

    Likes: Seafoam Pudding

    Dislikes: Life Elixir and all Cooking except Bread, Fried Egg, Strange Bun, and Seafoam Pudding
    LeahLoves: Goat Cheese, Wine, Poppyseed Muffin, Salad, Stir Fry, and Vegetable Medley

    Dislikes: Carp Surprise, Cookie, Ice Cream, Pink Cake, Rice Pudding, Survival Burger, Tortilla, all Foraged Minerals except Earth Crystal, and all Gems except Diamond and Prismatic Shard
    LeoLoves: Poi

    Neutral: Coffee

    Dislikes: Pickles, Life Elixir, and all Cooking except Bread, Fried Egg, Poi, Mango Sticky Rice, Strange Bun, Seafoam Pudding, and Triple Shot Espresso

    Hates: Triple Shot Espresso, Beer, Mead, Pale Ale, Wine, and Piña Colada
    LewisLoves: Green Team, Autumn's Bounty, Glazed Yams, and Vegetable Medley
    LinusLoves: Blueberry Tart, Dish O' The Sea, and Yam

    Dislikes: All Foraged Minerals and all Gems except Diamond and Prismatic Shard
    MarnieLoves: Farmer's Lunch, Pink Cake, Pumpkin Pie, and Diamond
    MaruLoves: Cheese Cauliflower, Miner's Treat, Pepper Poppers, Rhubarb Pie, Diamond, and Cauliflower

    Dislikes: Maple Syrup

    Hates: Honey and Pickles
    PamLoves: Beer, Mead, Pale Ale, Piña Colada, Glazed Yams, Parsnip Soup, and Parsnip
    PennyLoves: Poppyseed Muffin, Red Plate, Roots Platter, Tom Kha Soup, Diamond, and Emerald

    Dislikes: Algae Soup and Pale Broth

    Hates: Beer, Mead, Pale Ale, Piña Colada, and Wine
    PierreLoves: Fried Calamari

    Dislikes: All Foraged Minerals and all Gems except Diamond and Prismatic Shard

    Hates: Parsnip Soup, Tortilla, Corn, and Garlic
    RobinLoves: Goat Cheese, Spaghetti, and Peach
    SamLoves: Maple Bar and Pizza

    Dislikes: All Vegetables except Hops and Wheat

    Hates: Duck Mayonnaise, Mayonnaise, and Pickles
    SandyLoves: Mango Sticky Rice, Crocus, and Sweet Pea
    SebastianLoves: Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi, and Frozen Tear

    Dislikes: All Flowers except Poppy

    Hates: Complete Breakfast, Farmer's Lunch, Omelet, and all Artisan Goods except Coffee, Green Tea, and Oil
    ShaneLoves: Beer, Pepper Poppers, and Pizza

    Hates: Pickles
    VincentLoves: Cranberry Candy, Ginger Ale, and Pink Cake

    Dislikes: All Vegetables except Hops and Wheat

    Hates: Triple Shot Espresso and all Artisan Goods except Honey, Jelly, and Oil
    WillyLoves: Mead, Diamond, and Pumpkin

    Likes: Baked Fish, Carp Surprise, Chowder, Crab Cakes, Crispy Bass, Fish Stew, Fish Taco, Fried Calamari, Fried Eel, Lobster Bisque, Salmon Dinner, Trout Soup, and Seafoam Pudding

    Neutral: Dish O' The Sea, Maki Roll, and Sashimi

    Dislikes: Life Elixir and all Cooking except Dish O' The Sea, Maki Roll, Sashimi, and the other Cooking dishes he "Likes"

    Universal Neutrals

    Gifts that villagers feel neutral toward will increase your friendship with the villager you give it to by 20 points.

    • Bread
    • Clam
    • Coral
    • Duck Feather
    • Fried Egg
    • Hops
    • Nautilus Shell
    • Rainbox Shell
    • Roe
    • Squid Ink
    • Sweet Gem Berry
    • Tea Leaves
    • Truffle
    • Wheat
    • Wool

    Universal Neutrals Exceptions

    There are several exceptions to the universal neutrals.

    CarolineLikes: Tea Leaves
    ElliotLoves: Duck Feather and Squid Ink
    EmilyLoves: Wood
    EvelynHates: Clam and Coral
    HarveyLikes: Duck Feather

    Dislikes: Bread

    Hates: Coral, Nautilus, and Rainbow Shell
    LeahLoves: Truffle

    Dislikes: Fried Egg

    Hates: Bread
    LeoLoves: Duck Feather

    Likes: Nautilus Shell and Rainbow Shell

    Hates: Hops
    MaruHates: Truffle
    PennyDislikes: Duck Feather and Wool

    Hates: Hops
    SandLikes: Wool

    Universal Dislikes

    Gifts that are disliked will decrease your friendship with the villager you give it to by 20 points.

    • All Building Materials
    • All Artifacts
    • All Bombs
    • All Crafted Floors and Paths
    • All Fences
    • All Fertilizer
    • All Fish (exclusions: Clam, Carp, and Snails)
    • All Geode Minerals
    • All Geodes
    • All Seeds and Saplings
    • All Sprinklers
    • All Fishing Tackle
    • Miscellaneous Mined and Metal Goods
      • Bone Fragment
      • Cinder Shard
      • Coal
      • Copper Bars
      • Gold Bars
      • Gold Ore
      • Iridium Bars
      • Iridium Ore
      • Iron Bars
      • Refined Quartz
    • Cave Carrot
    • Driftwood
    • Field Snack
    • Jack-O-Lantern
    • Oak Resin
    • Oil
    • Pine Tar
    • Qi Fruit
    • Rice
    • Solar Essence
    • Spring Onion
    • Tea Set
    • Unmilled Rice
    • Vinegar
    • Void Egg
    • Void Essence
    • Wheat Flour

    Universal Dislikes Exceptions

    One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. These are the exceptions to the universally disliked gifts.

    AbigailLoves: Pufferfish

    Hates: Clay
    ClintLoves: Gold Bar, Iridium Bar, and Omni Geode

    Likes: Copper Bar and Iron Bar

    Neutral: Coal, Gold Ore, Iridium Ore, and Refined Quartz
    DemetriusNeutral: All Fish except Carp and Snail
    DwarfLoves: Lemon Stone and Omni Geode

    Likes: Cave Carrot and all Artifacts

    Neutral: Solar Essence and Void Essence
    ElliotLoves: Lobster

    Likes: Octopus and Squid

    Neutral: All other Fish except Carp and Snail

    Hates: Sea Cucumber
    EvelynHates: Clay and all Fish
    GeorgeHates: Clay
    HaleyHates: Clay and all Fish
    HarveyLikes: Spring Onion
    JasHates: Clay
    KrobusLoves: Iridium Bar and Void Egg

    Likes: Gold Bar
    LeahLikes: Driftwood and Spring Onion

    Hates: Void Egg
    LeoNeutral: All Fish

    Hates: Oil and Unmilled Rice
    LinusLikes: Spring Onion

    Neutral: All Fish except Carp and Snail
    MarnieHates: Clay
    MaruLoves: Batter Pack, Gold Bar, and Iridium Bar

    Likes: Copper Bar, Iron Bar, Oak Resin, and Pine Tar
    PamNeutral: All Fish except Carp, Octopus, Snail, and Squid

    Hates: Octopus and Squid
    PennyLoves: Sandfish

    Likes: All Artifacts
    PierreHates: All Fish
    RobinLikes: Hardwood
    SamLoves: Tigerseye

    Hates: Metal Goods
    SebastianLoves: Obsidian and Void Egg

    Likes: Flouder

    Neutral: All Fish except Flounder, Carp, and Snail

    Hates: Clay
    VincentHates: Clay
    WillyLoves: Catfish, Iridium Bar, Octopus, Sea Cucumber, and Sturgeon

    Likes: Gold Bar, Lingcod, and Tiger Trout

    Neutral: All other Fish
    WizardLoves: Solar Essence, Void Essence, and Super Cucumber

    Likes: All Geode Minerals

    Universal Hates

    Giftss that are hated will decrease your friendship with the villager you give it to by 40 points.

    • All Bait
    • All Fossils
    • All Monster Loot (exclusions: Solar Essence and Void Essence)
    • All Trash (exclusions: Driftwood)
    • Artifact Trove
    • Bug Steak
    • Carp
    • Copper Ore
    • Crab Pot
    • Dragon Tooth
    • Drum Block
    • Energy Tonic
    • Error Item
    • Explosive Ammo
    • Fairy Dust
    • Flute Block
    • Grass Starter
    • Green Algae
    • Golden Coconut
    • Hay
    • Iron Ore
    • Journal Scrap
    • Monster Musk
    • Muscle Remedy
    • Oil of Garlic
    • Poppy
    • Qi Seasoning
    • Radioactive Bar
    • Radioactive Ore
    • Rain Totem
    • Red Mushroom
    • Sap
    • Sea Urchin
    • Seafoam Pudding
    • Seaweed
    • Secret Note
    • Slime Egg (all colors)
    • Snail
    • Strange Bun
    • Sugar
    • Torch
    • Treasure Chest
    • Void Mayonnaise
    • Warp Totems: Beach, Desert, Farm, Island, and Mountains
    • White Algae

    Universal Hates Exceptions

    AbigailDislikes: Suger
    KrobusLoves: Void Mayonnaise

    Likes: Seafoam Pudding
    LeahDislikes: Seaweed
    LeoLikes: Dragon Tooth and Sea Urchin
    MarnieDislikes: Seaweed
    MaruLoves: Radioactive Bar

    Likes: Radioactive Ore
    PennyLoves: Poppy

    Dislikes: Red Mushroom
    SamLikes: Joja Cola

    Dislikes: Seaweed
    ShaneDislikes: Seaweed
    VincentLoves: Snails
    WillyLikes: Seafoam Pudding
    WizardDislikes: Slime