Favorite Thing option in Stardew Valley character creation screen.

Stardew Valley: “Favorite Thing”, Explained

Personalize your experience with the valley.

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Key Takeaway

What you enter as your Favorite Thing on the character creation screen is shown in the dialog when you receive a Stardrop.

When you start a new game in Stardew Valley, one of the first things you have to do is create a character. In the character creation screen, you’ll have to input your “Favorite Thing.” Here’s what that does in-game.

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    What Does the “Favorite Thing” Do?

    The “Favorite Thing” option only affects the text that appears during the dialog when you obtain a Stardrop, a rare fruit that increases your maximum energy. One of these two dialogs will appear when you get a Stardrop.

    • “It’s strange, but the taste reminds you of [favorite thing].”
    • “Your mind is filled with thoughts of [favorite thing].”

    Of course, [favorite thing] in the dialog options is replaced with what you input as your favorite thing during character creation. This gives players a more personal connection with the Valley. So, for example, if your favorite thing is “Ramen” then you would see the following dialog.

    • “It’s strange, but the taste reminds you of Ramen.”
    • “Your mind is filled with thoughts of Ramen.”

    This is the only in-game effect of the “Favorite Thing” mechanic. However, there are a couple of easter eggs involved with this mechanic.

    “Favorite Thing” Easter Eggs

    There are two easter eggs you can discover with the Favorite Thing mechanic. The first easter egg is, if you input ConcernedApe as your favorite thing, you’ll get this special text when consuming a Stardrop.

    “You found a stardrop! Your mind is filled with thoughts of… ConcernedApe? (Well, thanks!).”

    Favorite Thing ConcernedApe easter egg text.

    Or, you can input Stardew as your favorite thing and receive this special text. This is case-sensitive, so the “S” in “Stardew” must be capitalized.

    “You found a stardrop! You feel an unwavering connection to the valley itself…”

    Favorite Thing ConcernedApe Stardew easter egg text.

    Enjoy your new farm life!