Stardew Valley: Where to Find Snow Yams

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Key Takeaway

The easiest way to find Snow Yam is by digging in Artifact Spots (11-16%) or regular soil (4%, except on your farm) in the Winter. Snow Yam can be found anywhere except in the Desert.

The Snow Yam is a foraging item that can only be foraged during the Winter, though there are several other ways of getting Snow Yam, as well. Here’s every way to find Snow Yam in Stardew Valley.

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    Where to Find Snow Yam When Foraging

    Digging up a Snow Yam in Stardew Valley.

    Snow Yams aren’t an above-ground crop, so you have to dig in the dirt with your Hoe to find them. You yield the highest chance, 11-16%, of finding a Snow Yam by digging an Artifact Spot. However, it’s not necessary to only dig Artifact Spots—you can also dig into regular soil for a 4% chance of finding a Snow Yam.

    You can find the Snow Yam in any location in Stardew Valley except the Desert. You can also find Snow Yam on your farm by digging Artifact Spots, but not regular soil.

    Other Ways to Get Snow Yam

    You can also get Snow Yam by planting and harvesting Winter Seeds. You can craft Winter Seeds by using the Wild Seeds crafting recipe, buy them from the Traveling Merchant, trade 2 Spring Seeds to the Desert Trader on Sundays, and various other ways.

    Winter Seeds produce, at random, Crocus, Crystal Fruit, Winter Root, and Snow Yam.

    You also have a chance of finding Snow Yam in the Mines from level 40 to level 69.

    Snow Yam Uses

    The Snow Yam has many uses in Stardew Valley:

    • Used in the Sewing Machine to tailor a light-blue Shirt with a white stripe.
    • Randomly requested in the Winter on Pierre’s “Help Wanted” sign.
    • Used to complete the Winter Foraging Bundle in the Community Center.

    Aside from this, Snow Yam also provides health benefits or can be sold for profit.

    Normal10030 Energy, 13 Health
    Silver12542 Energy, 18 Health
    Gold15054 Energy, 24 Health
    Iridium20078 Energy, 35 Health

    Gifting Snow Yam to Villagers

    The Snow Yam isn’t the best item to give to villagers in Stardew Valley. Most villagers dislike or feel neutral about Snow Yam, but there are a few who like it, and one who hates it.

    Harvey, Leah, LinusAbigail, Alex, Clint, Demetrius, Emily, Evelyn, George, Gus, Lewis, Marnie, Pam, Penny, Robin, SandyCaroline, Dwarf, Elliott, Haley, Jas, Jodi, Kent, Krobus, Leo, Pierre, Sam, Sebastian, Shane, Vincent, Willy, WizardMaru