How to Get a Horse in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley: How to Get a Horse

Time goes by quickly in the valley. Get a horse to get more done, more quickly.

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Key Takeaway

You get a horse for free when you purchase a Stable. Bring 10,000g, 100 Hardwood, and 5 Iron Bars to Robin’s Carpenter Shop to build a Stable.

Time is of the essence in Stardew Valley. Getting a horse can drastically increase your daily efficiency in the valley. To get a horse, though, you’ll need to hire Robin, the local carpenter, to build a stable.

Table Of Contents

    How to Build a Stable to Get a Horse

    A stable with a horse in it in Stardew Valley.

    To get a horse in Stardew Valley, all you have to do is build a Stable. The horse comes free with it. To build the Stable, you’ll need the following resources.

    The Stable also requires 4×2 squares of cleared land to build. Once you’ve gathered the required materials, visit Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop during business hours and hire her to build the Stable. Once complete, you can name your horse and start riding it for quicker transportation around the valley.

    Do You Need to Feed Your Horse?

    No, you do not need to feed your horse in Stardew Valley. You also don’t need to water, pet, or nurse it. Since time passes by quickly in-game, this no-maintenance horse is much appreciated, as you can direct your focus to the other animals and crops that do require your attention.

    If you want to show your horse some love, though, you can always put a hat on it. Just stand next to your horse, equip a hat, and click the horse.