How to Get Every Stardrop on a Stardew Valley scroll.

Stardew Valley: How to Get Every Stardrop

Max out your energy bar.

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Key Takeaway

Stardrops are a fruit that expands your energy bar. There are seven Stardrops located throughout Stardew Valley.

A Stardrop is a rare fruit in Stardew Valley that permanently increases your maximum energy bar. This allows you to accomplish more work before reaching the point of complete exhaustion. Here’s where to find all seven Stardrops.

Table Of Contents

    Every Stardrop Location

    Here is how you can get every Stardrop in Stardew Valley, as well as some general tips to guide you along the way.

    StardropHow to GetTips
    Stardrop #1Purchase from the vendor at the Stardew Valley Fair Shop for 2,000 Star Tokens.Quickly earn Star Tokens by playing the Spinning Wheel Game and choosing green each time. You have a 75% chance of winning when choosing green.
    Stardrop #2Open the chest in level 100 of the Mines.Upgrade your pickaxe for more efficient mining. This will help you reach lower levels more quickly.
    Stardrop #3Reach 12.5 hearts with your spouse or roommate. Your partner will then gift you a Stardrop.Give your partner their favorite gift every day--even after they say "I do."
    Stardrop #4Purchase the Stardrop from Krobus in The Sewers for 20,000g.You can access The Sewers by getting the Rusty Key from Gunther. He will give you the Rusty Key when you donate 60 items to the Museum.
    Stardrop #5Go to the Secret Woods and give a Sweet Gem Berry to the Old Master Cannoli Statue.Upgrade your axe to a steel axe to clear the log blocking the entrance to the Secret Woods.

    Purchase a Rare Seed from the Traveling Cart for 1,000g. The seed takes 24 days to grow into a Sweet Gem Berry.
    Stardrop #6This Stardrop comes with a letter from Willy after getting the Master Angler Achievement.You'll need to catch every fish in Stardew Valley to get the Master Angler Achievement. Make this task easier by upgrading your rod, using bait and tackle, and fishing in every season during any weather condition.
    Stardrop #7Donate all 95 items to the Museum.You'll need to discover and donate 53 Minerals and 42 Artifacts to the Museum. Find these items by mining, digging up Artifact Spots, fishing for treasure, and slaying enemies frequently.

    Stardrop Easter Egg

    When starting a new file, one of the first things you’ll do is customize your character. On the character creation screen, you’ll be asked to input your “Favorite Thing.” The text you input is displayed during the dialog when you get a Stardrop.

    However, if you input ConcernedApe or Stardew (case-sensitive) as your favorite thing, you’ll see a secret message when you get your Stardrop.