Looking at the watch in Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep: How to Heal

Healing items? What healing items?

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Key Takeaway

To passively heal in Stranded Deep, your Hunger and Thirst levels need to be above four bars. Eat cooked food and drink clean water to keep both levels up. You should also avoid any negative statuses.

Your survival is the core facet of this adventure, and, to make things worse, there are a lot of elements out there that can be harmful. Conversely, you can counter such threats by learning how to heal in Stranded Deep. Grab a snack and a refreshing drink!

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    How Healing Works in Stranded Deep

    Specifically, both your Hunger and Thirst meters must be above four bars for you to regain health. That’s because Stranded Deep doesn’t have a conventional healing item like in other games. Instead, you need to watch out for your Hunger and Thirst levels. In keeping with the game’s realism aspect, your Hunger and Thirst levels need to be high if you want to heal in Stranded Deep.

    To check your Health and Thirst meters, open your watch by pressing Triangle on the PlayStation or X on the Xbox. On the first screen, you will see four icons with bars next to them. At the very top is a Heart icon: this represents your health.

    The next icons are a picture of a ham and a water droplet. These represent your Hunger and your Thirst, respectively. Keep these two high and your health will automatically regenerate on its own. Once they are low, your health will not regenerate whenever you receive damage from animals and other elements.

    The watch from Stranded Deep showing the player's vitals.

    Another thing you’ll need to watch out for is statuses. Whenever you are inflicted with negative statuses, you won’t be able to heal. Examples of negative statuses are sunstroke, dehydration, starvation, poisoning, and diarrhea.

    How to Keep Your Health and Thirst Meters High

    The watch in Stranded Deep showing the player's status effects.

    To put it simply, eat cooked meat (as well as other good food) and drink clean water to keep your Health and Thirst meters high. Scavenge the islands for animals like fish and crabs, as well as for coconuts. You can also use the latter as a source of water.

    Remember to cook meat over a campfire or a fire pit. You’ll get sick whenever you eat uncooked meat. Another thing to remember is to refrain from drinking three coconuts worth of water in succession, as excessive coconut water consumption can cause diarrhea. After drinking from two coconuts, wait for 10 in-game minutes to pass before drinking another.

    Stranded Deep can be a fairly straightforward sandbox game, but a lot of things can go wrong quickly. Be sure to remain healthy by keeping your Hunger and Thirst levels up to ensure your survival. With that said, to us, it’s much better to be stranded on an island than stuck in a forest with cannibals.

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