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Stray: How to Obtain a Poncho

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Key Takeaway

To get a poncho, you’ll first need to get the Super Spirit Detergent from the laundromat. You can get it to open by forcing the robot above to drop a paint can. You can then head to Azzoz to exchange the Detergent Bottle for an Electric Cable. Take this Electric Cable to Grandma, and she’ll use it to make you a poncho.

You can obtain a poncho in Stray that you can hand to a robot named Elliot. This is something you’ll need to do so he can fix an item for you, which is necessary to progress in the game.

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    Get a Super Spirit Detergent

    To obtain a poncho in Stray, you’ll first need to have a Super Spirit Detergent. You can get one from the laundry shop, but it will remain closed until you do something about it.

    To get the shop to open, head to the rooftops and find two robots that are moving paint buckets from one roof to another. The robot on the lower weedy rooftop is named Vapora, and he’s quite a clumsy fellow. He’ll be your unknowing aid to get the laundry shop below to open.

    The Stray cat facing Vapora.

    Head over to the robot and interact with it. You’ll then get a prompt to Meow at an exact moment, which will cause him to drop a paint bucket to the ground below.

    Once done, the shop owner will open the door to clean up the paint outside. This is your chance to get in. You can find the Super Spirit Detergent bottle on the table facing the front window.

    The Stray cat standing next to a Super Spirit Detergent bottle.

    Trade the Super Spirit Detergent

    Once you’ve obtained the Super Spirit Detergent, it’s time to head to Azooz. This robot is a merchant who exchanges items for other items. He’ll give you an Electric Cable in exchange for the detergent bottle.

    Obtaining an Electric Cable in Stray.

    You can find him in the alley to the right of where the Guardian is. Inspect the Electric Cable in front of him to trade the detergent bottle for it.

    Obtain the Poncho

    Now that you have the Electric Cable, head to the Grandma Clothing shop. You’ll find Grandma outside Elliot’s shop. If you don’t know where this is, start from where the Guardian is, turn around, and proceed forward. Take the alley to the left, continue on, and you’ll spot Grandma in a corner of an alley.

    The Stray cat facing Grandma in The Slums.

    Give the Electric Cable to Grandma, and she’ll use it to fabricate a poncho. You can now return to Elliot, give him the poncho, and he’ll fix your tracker for you.