The Stray cat standing before the mysterious safe in The Slums.

Stray: How to Solve the Safe’s Mysterious Password

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Key Takeaway

The safe’s mysterious password is 1283.

In Stray, there’s one particular safe found in The Slums that a mysterious password can supposedly open. The password can be found in the Duffer Bar, though there is a bit of a process to go through to get it.

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    Location of the Safe

    The Slums is one of the first areas you’ll get to in Stray. It’s actually the first location you arrive at that’s inhabited by robot companions.

    When you first get here, you’ll be interacted with by a robot known as The Guardian. After speaking to him, head to the alley to his left. You’ll find another NPC here named Morusque, a robot musician.

    Head past him until you reach the end of this area. Head left to find a narrow alley, and you’ll spot the safe sitting on a pile of trash, next to a garbage bin.

    The mysterious safe in Stray.

    The Safe’s Mysterious Password

    The safe’s mysterious password is 1283. The following process explains how to officially figure that out in the game.

    Grab the note from the safe and it will give you absolutely no hint or code as to what the mysterious password is. With that, it’s now your job to figure out what it is. Thankfully, this isn’t too much of a hassle.

    You can take the note to Elliot, and he’ll decipher the code for you. To get to his shop, start from the area where the Guardian is and turn around. Head to the central alley, and follow this path until you see a door to your left you can interact with. There’s a note on this door that, once translated, will say “Elliot Programming.”

    The Stray cat standing outside Elliot's shop.

    Scratch the door to open it. Head inside, run up to the second floor, and give Elliot the note from the safe, and he’ll decipher it for you. The note that you got from the safe simply says “Duffer Bar,” and that’s where you’ll head next.

    Head to the bar, jump onto the counter, and look over to the “Duffer Bar” neon sign to the left. Above it, you’ll spot the password you’re looking for: 1283.

    The password to the mysterious safe in The Slums.

    Now that you know what the password is, return to the safe and open it.

    Contents of the Safe

    Inside the safe is Stray’s eighth Sheet Music. You can hand this to Morusque, and he’ll play a piece for you. If you decide to take a nap beside him while he’s playing, he won’t stop until you wake up.

    There are eight Sheet Music in the game, and you can find all of them in The Slums.