Trading energy drinks in Stray.

Stray: Where To Find Energy Drinks

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Key Takeaway

You can find energy drinks in various vending machines in Stray.

Among the few collectibles that you can pick up in Stray are Energy Drink Speed 2K. There are four of them which can all be found in The Slums. Once collected, you can trade them for other awesome and useful items.

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    How to Obtain Energy Drinks

    In Stray, you don’t simply pick up energy drinks from any surface or other NPCs. What you’ll need to do is explore The Slums and find vending machines. The cat can then interact with these machines to have them pop out an energy drink.

    That said, here’s where you can find all four energy drinks in Stray.

    First Energy Drink

    The Stray cat activating a blue vending machine.

    The first NPC you’ll interact with when you arrive at The Slums is the Guardian. After speaking with him, head to his left, and you’ll find two vending machines against the wall to the right. Interact with the blue vending machine to get your first energy drink.

    Second Energy Drink

    The Stray Cat activating a white vending machine.

    From where the Guardian is, turn around and head to the alley to the right. Keep pressing onward from here until you spot a graffiti on the wall that says “R.I.P. Humans.” Left of the graffiti is a vending machine that holds another energy drink.

    Third Energy Drink

    The Stray cat activating an orange vending machine.

    From the previous vending machine, continue onward to the alley on the left until you reach Grandma’s place. Once you get to her, jump up onto the air conditioning units before her shop and continue jumping up onto the rooftop above.

    Once you’re on the rooftop, walk over to the barrel that’s holding down a piece of wood. Walk on the plank, and you’ll spot an orange vending machine on the rooftop ahead. Get over there to obtain your next energy drink.

    Fourth Energy Drink

    The Stray cat standing next to the fourth vending machine in The Slums.

    Head back to the previous rooftop where the barrel is and then head over to the ledge on the left. Look down, and you’ll spot a balcony you can land on. Jump down here, and you’ll find the fourth vending machine to obtain your last energy drink.

    What You Can Do With Energy Drinks

    You can use the energy drinks as trade items to obtain a Memory and a Sheet Music. Head to Azooz, the merchant located to the right of where the Guardian is. You can get one relic that provides a Memory for B-12 for three cans, and a Sheet Music for one can from him.