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Terraria: How to “Favorite” Items

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To “Favorite” an item is the best way to keep it safe and locked in your Inventory. Explorations can get risky, especially when you’re looking at getting the best weapons, items, and armor in Terraria.

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    How to Favorite Items in Terraria

    A player favorites an item in Terraria PC.

    When you mark an item as ‘Favorite’, you will no longer have to worry about accidentally throwing, moving, depositing, or stacking it away. However, your Mediumcore characters will still end up losing items upon death. When you go on adventures, risky or not, it’s always better to be safe by taking advantage of the ‘Favorite’ control. Here’s how:

    Steam (PC and Mac)

    If you’re using a controller, you have to switch back to your mouse and keyboard to Favorite items.

    • To open your Inventory, press ESC
    • Hold the Left Alt key
    • Click the item and a border will appear around it

    PlayStation 4 and 5

    You can’t ‘Favorite’ an item on PlayStation. Instead, you can bind an item to your D-Pad.

    • To open your Inventory, press the Square or Triangle button
    • Select an item
    • Press the desired direction on the D-Pad

    Xbox One and X|S Series

    Favorite also isn’t available for Xbox, but you can bind an item to your D-Pad.

    • To open your Inventory, press the Y button
    • Select an item
    • Press the desired direction on the D-Pad

    Nintendo Switch

    Favorite is not available for Terraria on Nintendo Switch, but there’s an alternative: the Radial Hotbar. Here’s how to use it:

    • Hold the right bumper to open your Hotbar
    • Point to the item using the Analog Stick and release


    Not yet available for Terraria Mobile players.

    Recommended Items to Favorite in Terraria

    HERO showing his Favorite items in Terraria.
    • Useful Weapons and Tools that you’re comfortable with and are going to use a lot anywhere you go.
    • Informational Accessories, which help you track the time, number of enemies nearby, and reveals traps.
    • Ammos are especially handy when you’re going to fish or fight enemies. Best not to lose any.
    • Torches are useful when you go Underground or Caves where there are no trees.
    • Potions and Buffs are extremely useful and can take time to make, so lock them in your inventory.
    • Magic Mirror helps you to Teleport and avoid lethal falls. It’s not hard to find, but keep it locked so you won’t have to look for another if you lose it.