How to Make a Furnace in Terraria

Terraria: How to Make a Furnace

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A furnace is crucial in your journey of conquering the world of Terraria. It allows you to refine resources for crafting and upgrading tools, weapons, and armor. We’ll show you just how easy it is to make one.

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    You’ll Need a Work Bench

    You will first need to make a Work Bench if you haven’t already. It’s the first type of crafting station to make because it allows you to make early-game items that require it. Not only does it make your early adventure more manageable, but it’s also super easy to make one.

    There are 43 different types of Work Bench in Terraria, and only 10 of which are made of Wood. The standard Work Bench is the easiest to make because it only requires 10 Wood and approximately 1 minute of your time!

    Gather Some Wood

    A collage of player using copper axe to gather wood in Terraria.

    How do we gather Wood? Chopping a tree with an axe, of course. Look on the Hotbar located at the top left of the screen, select the Axe, stand close to a tree, and chop it down. Keep chopping away until you gather 10 Wood.

    Make a Work Bench

    A player making a Work Bench in Terraria.

    To make the Work Bench, first open your inventory. You’ll need to press the binding key for it depending on the platform. Below is a list for you to find the corresponding button:

    • Steam (Mouse and Keyboard) – ESC key
    • Steam (Controller) – Y button
    • PlayStation – Triangle button
    • Xbox – Y button
    • Nintendo Switch – X button or Double tap Hotbar

    When your inventory is open, look to the Crafting bar — vertical menu on the left — and find the Work Bench icon. Double click or tap it to make the Work Bench and place it wherever you want.

    The Ingredients to Make a Furnace

    Now that you have a Work Bench, we can get started on gathering the 3 ingredients needed to make a standard furnace: 4 Wood, 3 Torch, and 20 Stone. It’ll take approximately 10 minutes to make one, so be sure to do it in your first hour in Terraria.

    Collect More Wood

    If you’ve only gathered enough Wood to make a standard Work Bench, you’ll need at least 5 more. Specifically, 4 Wood for the furnace and 1 Wood to make the next ingredient: Torch.

    Get a Gel From a Slime

    A player fighting slime with copper shortsword and getting gel in Terraria.

    You’ll need 3 Torch. To make exactly that, you will only need to have 1 Wood and 1 Gel — an item any slime will drop. So get ready to hunt!

    Select the Shortsword on the Hotbar and use it to fight a slime. It’s important to be careful because these slimes can kill you too. Depending on the difficulty, you may end up dropping more than just your coins. Here’s a list you can refer to:

    • Classic/Softcore –  Coin loss upon death. From 1/2 to all coins, except the coins that have been stored in storage items.
    • Mediumcore –  Item loss upon death. All carried items, which means weapons, gears, coins, and ammo.
    • Hardcore – Character deletion and Item loss upon death. You can no longer play with the environment, but you can still move around and talk with other players.

    Don’t worry, you will respawn back to the spot where you’ve placed your Work Bench. You can also still retrieve your coins and items — unless someone else gets to your tombstone first. So to avoid dying easily: Jump when attacking the slime, but time it well. If you kill a slime, you’ll get Gel along with coins.

    Make a Torch

    A player making Torch in Terraria.

    With 1 Wood and 1 Gel in hand, open the Inventory and find the Torch in the Crafting bar. Double-tap/click it to get 3 Torch.

    Gather Stones

    A player exploring with a torch to find stone blocks while zombies are lurking around in Terraria.

    Now that you have 4 Wood and 3 Torch, all that’s left to gather is 20 Stone. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of Stone blocks in Terraria. You’ll recognize a Stone block by its grey texture. It can be found on the surface or just below the ground.

    Be careful when looking around at Night because that’s when zombies lurk around! We recommended using Shortsword when fighting zombies. Upon killing them, you’ll get Torch and Coins.

    You can use Torch to light up your surroundings, which also makes it easier to find those stone blocks. By the time you find it, place a Torch on the ground by clicking the block and start digging and gathering with your Pickaxe. To get back to the surface, just jump out!

    How to Make a Furnace

    A player making a furnace and moving the Work Bench in Terraria.

    Remember to check that you’ve gathered 4 Wood, 3 Torch, 20 Stone. Open the inventory and find the Furnace icon in the Crafting Menu. Double-tap/click it to make one.

    It’s recommended to place the Furnace next to the Work Bench so you don’t have to walk far between Crafting Stations. You can use the Pickaxe to move furniture, like the Workbench, or break a Tombstone.

    Now that you have a Furnace, you can start smelting ores and upgrading tools, armor, and more. You only have to stand near it and open the Crafting Menu from the Inventory.

    The Types of Furnace in Terraria

    These are the different Furnace types.

    A Standard Furnace, Hellforge, Adamantite Forge, Lihzahrd Furnace, and Glass Kiln in Terraria.

    Standard Furnace

    A Crafting Station used to smelt all Softcore and Mediumcore ores except the Hellstone. It can also create ore bricks, and craft glass-type items and weapons. You can also buy a Standard Furnace from the Merchant found in the Jungle.


    An upgraded Standard Furnace that can smelt Hellstone ore that can’t be crafted. Hellforge can only be found inside the Ruined Houses in the Underworld. You have to use a Deathbringer or a Nightmare Pickaxe to collect it in the Ruined Houses in the Underworld, while any Pickaxe will do when you’re elsewhere, specifically in your base.

    Adamantite or Titanium Forge

    These are the best furnaces because, not only are they craftable, they can also smelt and craft everything in Terraria–but these are Hardmode Crafting Stations only. The Adamantite Forge and Titanium Forge are identical in function.

    In Hardmode Worlds, you will only need a Hellforge and 30 Adamantite or Titanium to craft yourself the best furnace in Terraria.

    Lihzahrd Furnace

    A Hardmode and post-Plantera furnace that is mainly used to craft 18 types of Lihzahrd Furniture because it can’t smelt ores. It can be found in Lihzahrd Chests within the Jungle temple.

    You will need Lihzard Brick, which makes up the Jungle Temple, among other ingredients to make Lihzahrd Furniture. You can use a Pickaxe, Picksaw, or Drill to get one.

    Glass Kiln

    A type of furnace that is mainly used to craft 19 Glass-themed Furniture. Similar to the Lihzahrd Furnace, it can’t smelt ores. However, it’s craftable. You will need 18 Iron or Lead bars and 18 Torch using an Iron or Lead Anvil to make one.