How to Make Silk in Terraria

Terraria: How to Make Silk for a Bed

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Silk is an essential crafting material when you want to make a Bed in Terraria. Want to change your Spawning Point or make your house more welcoming to NPCs? Silk is what you need to get started.

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    How to Make Silk in Terraria

    The Silk Recipe

    Silk is easy to make, but it takes time if you are yet to have the Ingredient and Crafting Station needed to make it. Here’s what you need:

    How to Find Cobweb

    Player 2CPSam with their friend getting CobWebs in a Spider Cave.

    You can run into Cobweb or use any tool to get it when exploring the Underground. If you haven’t been there before, here are some tips for you:

    • Organize your Hotbar so you can quickly switch to your Weapon.
    • Plant Torches on the wall or ground as you go deeper.
    • Kill Slimes along the way so they can’t follow you around.
    • Remain cautious. Some Underground enemies can quickly kill.

    You can also find over 100 Cobwebs in Spider Caves, which are located in the Cavern layer below the Underground. It’s where Cobwebs have the fastest growth rate—anywhere else, it will take up to 4 days—in Terraria. But the same goes for enemies lurking in there. So look out!

    Since the Cavern layer is the largest layer in any Terraria world, the easiest way to find the Spider Caves is to use the Dangersense Potion. It’s a buff potion that highlights every single thing that can potentially harm you, especially in complete darkness. It gives you the ability to see Cobwebs, which can lead you to the Spider Caves.

    How to Make a Bed in Terraria

    Grobeman making a Pumpkin Bed in Terraria.

    There are 39 Craftable Beds and 5 Noncraftable Beds that you can find in the Dungeon, Underworld, and by killing Pirates. But the easiest Craftable Bed that you can make is the Standard Bed, which only requires: 15 Wood and 5 Silk. Stand in front of your Sawmill, and open your Inventory to get access to the Crafting Menu. Find the Standard Bed icon and double-click it to make one. Check out the table below for more easy Craftable Beds.

    Craftable Beds using a Sawmill

    Boreal Wood BedBoreal Wood 15
    Silk 5
    Dynasty BedDynasty Wood 15
    Silk 5
    Ebonwood BedEbonwood 15
    Silk 5
    Palm Wood BedPalm Wood 15
    Silk 5
    Pearlwood BedPearlwood 15
    Silk 5
    Rich Mahogany BedRich Mahogany 15
    Silk 5
    Shadewood BedShadewood 15
    Silk 5
    Spooky BedSpooky Wood 15
    Silk 5
    Bamboo BedBamboo 15
    Silk 5
    Cactus BedCactus 15
    Silk 5
    Mushroom BedGlowing Mushroom 15
    Silk 5
    Pumpkin BedPumpkin 15
    Silk 5
    Crystal BedCrystal Block 15
    Silk 5
    Granite BedSmooth Granite Block 15
    Silk 5
    Marble BedSmooth Marble Block15
    Silk 5
    Spider Nest BedSpider Nest Block 15
    Silk 5
    Sandstone BedSmooth Sandstone 15
    Silk 5
    Martian BedMartian Conduit Plating 15
    Silk 5
    Meteorite BedMeteorite Brick 15
    Silk 5

    Where to Place your Bed

    It’s best to place your Bed in the House where the Nurse is residing because you can access immediate healing from her after you respawn. Be sure to press only her Heal button if she’s standing in front of the Bed to avoid accidentally resetting the spawn point.

    How to Use a Bed in Terraria

    Alex Funlord about to sleep in his Bed in Terraria.

    As a Spawn Point

    In the beginning, you spawn somewhere in Terraria’s world. You respawn back to that point when you die during your adventures. Upon making a Bed, you’ll be able to change your respawn point once you place it in a valid House. For Steam, just stand near the foot of the bed and click it to activate. For other platforms:

    • Steam (Controller): B button
    • PlayStation: O button
    • Xbox: B button
    • Wii U: A button
    • Nintendo Switch: B button or double-tap

    For Health Regeneration

    Coming from an adventure, you may end up returning to your House with low Health. A Bed will help boost your Health Regeneration by sleeping on it. Using the same button to set a new Spawn Point: Stand near the head of the bed to sleep. Time will accelerate up to 5x the normal speed, which means sleeping takes 12 minutes of in-game time or 12 seconds of real-life time.

    Here’s a list of information you should know about Sleeping in Terraria:

    • You can’t sleep during Invasion events, such as Blood Moons, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Events; or when an Enchanted Sundial is active.
    • Potion cooldown or duration isn’t affected.
    • In Multiplayer mode, all players are required to sleep.
    • Only movements you do or done by an enemy will stop you from sleeping.