A Restoration healing spell being cast from a pair of hands in Skyrim.

The Best Restoration Spells In Skyrim

Enhance your combat longevity with the right selection of Restoration spells.

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Key Takeaway

Check out our top choices (in no particular order) for the best Restoration spells in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

  • Healing and Grand Healing
  • Steadfast Ward
  • Close Wounds
  • Turn Greater Undead
  • Vampire’s Bane
  • Poison Rune
  • Bane of the Undead
  • Guardian Circle

Amplifying your chosen spells with the relevant perks from the Restoration perk tree is a great way to improve their power. Consider adding Necromage, Augmented Flames, Rune Master and Restoration Dual Casting into your build for optimal effects.

Skyrim has plenty of options for weapons-based combat and spellcasters alike. The game’s healing spells are equally impressive. With healing and protective options to learn, mastering Restoration spells in Skyrim can help you defeat even the toughest opponents.

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    What You Need to Know About the Skyrim Restoration Spells

    Restoration is one of the main schools of magic taught and learned across Skyrim. It’s a skill to specialize in if you want to master the art of healing. Additionally, those with a high level of Restoration skill can use protective magic. These particular Restoration spells make a big difference during combat—especially when defensive measures are required.

    The School of Restoration also has a couple of impactful damage-dealing spells that you might not know about. Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC expansion introduced the Sun Damage spell into the Restoration school. This inflicts damage on undead characters, which is understandable given that Dawnguard has a vampire-focused storyline.

    There’s also the option to inflict poison damage upon living enemies with the Poison Rune spell. This is available to those with the Dragonborn DLC expansion and can be placed on the floor for enemies to walk into.

    These offensive spells can have extended and amplified results when stacked with Restoration skill perks. So, it’s worth exploring the Restoration perk tree when you’re ready to level up.

    The Best Restoration Spells Skyrim Has to Offer

    While there are various Restoration spells to learn and experiment with, you should focus on a few in particular. The spells listed here give you a solid mix of healing powers and defensive barriers that can turn things around during tough enemy encounters.

    Healing and Grand Healing

    A healing spell being cast from a pair of hands in Skyrim.

    Get from: Colette Marence, Nelacar (Winterhold), Farengar Secret-Fire (Whiterun), Calcelmo (Markarth), Falion (Morthal), Madena (Dawnstar), Sybille Stentor (Solitude),Wuunferth the Unliving (Windhelm), Wylandriah (Riften)

    You’ll start with a Novice-level Healing spell by default. This will heal you for 10 points of Health and 10 points of Stamina per second. It costs 12 points of Magicka per second to do so. You can cast it on an ongoing basis, provided you’ve got plenty of Magicka available.

    However, by leveling your Restoration to Expert level and obtaining Grand Healing, your powers are much more effective. Casting Grand Healing will restore you to full health instantly. It’ll also heal all of your nearby allies for 200 points of HP.

    Additionally, unlocking the Respite perk in the Restoration skill tree will unlock full Stamina restoration for you and your allies as part of Grand Healing.

    Steadfast Ward

    Purchasing the Steadfast Ward spell tome from Colette Marence in Skyrim.

    Get from: Colette Marence, Nelacar (Winterhold), Farengar Secret-Fire (Whiterun), Calcelmo (Markarth), Falion (Morthal), Madena (Dawnstar), Sybille Stentor (Solitude),Wuunferth the Unliving (Windhelm), Wylandriah (Riften)

    Skyrim’s magical defense systems revolve around the use of Wards. You’ll pick up the Novice-level Lesser Ward as your first Restoration defense spell. After you’ve leveled your skill up to Apprentice, you can use Steadfast Ward instead.

    It’s more effective as Steadfast Ward increases your armor rating by 60 points and invalidates up to 60 points of spell damage or other negative effects with which you might be dealing.

    Steadfast Ward comes at a slightly heavier Magicka cost though. You’ll burn through 58 points of Magicka per second whilst casting it, but its benefits outweigh the spending. Plus, if you choose the Ward Absorb perk from the Restoration skill tree, your Magicka will recharge if your Ward is hit by enemy spells.

    Close Wounds

    Get from: Colette Marence at the College of Winterhold

    An Adept-level self-healing spell, this is probably one of the best Restoration spells Skyrim has to offer. Close Wounds instantly restores 100 points of your health, as well as 100 points of Stamina if you’ve unlocked the Respite perk.

    The Respite perk in the Restoration perk tree in Skyrim.

    On top of this, if you’ve unlocked the Regeneration perk, you’ll be healed for an additional 50%. This takes the possible healing power of Close Hands up to 150 points.

    Close Wounds has a significant Magicka cost though, at 126 points per use. It also must be charged before use, as opposed to being continually cast.

    Turn Greater Undead

    Get from: Colette Marence at the College of Winterhold

    Turn Greater Undead is the Expert-level version of Turn Undead and causes Undead enemies up to level 21 to flee from combat for 30 seconds. It’s a versatile spell that can help you change the course of a fight if you’re outnumbered or in a tight spot with a tough opponent. With your enemies on the run, you can reposition yourself, heal, or even run away.

    This spell costs 267 Magicka to cast. The effect and magnitude of the spell can be extended with the Necromage and Restoration Dual Casting perks.

    Vampire’s Bane (Dawnguard DLC Required)

    Purchasing the Vampire's Bane spell tome from Florentius Baenius in Skyrim.

    Get from: Florentius Baenius at Fort Dawnguard

    Vampire’s Bane is a great choice for an aimed AoE damage spell that specifically targets the Undead. You need to be an Adept-level Restoration caster to use it, but upon impact, Vampire’s Bane creates an explosion of sunlight with a 15-foot radius. Any Undead within 15 feet of the spell’s landing point will feel 40 points of damage over two seconds.

    Vampire’s Bane is actually quite useful. Specifically, it doesn’t cost too much Magicka to use and it affects all kinds of Undead; not just vampires.

    You’ll spend 72 points of Magicka with this sunny blast, but if combined with the Necromage perk, it’ll become 25% stronger and last 50% longer. Additionally, the Restoration Dual Casting Perk increases the duration of Vampire’s Bane’s effects by 120%.

    Poison Rune (Dragonborn DLC Required)

    Talvas Fathryon in Skyrim.

    Get from: Talvas Fathyron, Tel Mithryn, Solstheim

    You can buy this trap-style Adept-level spell after completing the quest From The Ashes on Solstheim. Poison Rune inflicts three points of poison damage per second for 30 seconds on all enemies who walk into it as it explodes. This means a total of 90 points of poison damage, which is extremely potent to most monsters and other enemies in Skyrim.

    Poison Rune’s effects also stack with other poisons and runes that you cast, making it highly effective for taking down stronger opponents. If combined with the Rune Master perk, its range is extended to 100 feet.

    Bane of the Undead

    Get from: Completing Restoration Ritual Spell quest

    This is a Master-level Restoration spell that can only be unlocked by completing the Restoration Ritual Spell quest. You’ll need to level your Restoration skill up to 90 before you can attempt this. However, Bane of the Undead is certainly worth the effort.

    Bane of the Undead causes all Undead enemies within 80 feet of you to flee for 30 seconds after first setting them on fire. This effect applies to all Undead up to level 30, (which includes vampires). If used on lower-level Undead, it’ll basically incinerate them as they’re trying to run away from you.

    Bear in mind it’ll also affect Undead followers, so think carefully about using it if you’ve got Serana as a companion.

    Bane of the Undead is exceptionally powerful and consequently requires 988 Magicka to cast. When stacked with the Necromage and Augmented Flames perks, the duration and magnitude of Bane of the Undead is increased dramatically. The spell has the potential to affect Undead enemies up to level 56, which includes the most powerful Draugr and Vampires in the game.

    Guardian Circle

    Get from: Colette Marence at the College of Winterhold

    Guardian Circle is a Master-level Restoration spell that only becomes available after completing the Restoration Ritual Spell quest. Once you’ve completed it, you can buy this spell from Colette Marence.

    It works in a similar way to Bane of the Undead. However, the Guardian Circle spell forms a protective, healing circle around you as you cast it. Any Undead up to level 35 who tries to enter the circle to attack you will flee in terror for 30 seconds. Inside it, your health is restored by 20 points every second.

    When stacked with the Necromage perk, the flee effect extends to 90 seconds and will impact enemies up to level 43. Additionally, with the Restoration Dual Casting perk, Undead enemies will keep running for over two minutes.

    How to Level up Restoration

    The Restoration Perk Tree in Skyrim.

    The higher your Restoration skill, the more efficient your healing powers will be. You’ll use less Magicka when casting as your skill level increases. There are five levels of Restoration proficiency to progress through.

    • Novice Restoration
    • Apprentice Restoration
    • Adept Restoration
    • Expert Restoration
    • Master Restoration

    You can increase your skill points in each of these levels organically, by using your Restoration spells during gameplay. There are also certain skill books that will boost your Restoration level as you read them. You’ll find these listed in the Restoration Tips section below.

    You can also pick up some Restoration point bonuses by completing the following quests and objectives.

    • Complete Pantea’s Flute for +1 Restoration Point from Pantea Ateia (Bards College)
    • Choose “The Path of Magic” when reading the Oghma Infinium after completing Discerning The Transmundane for +5 Restoration Points

    Restoration Trainers

    The Expert Restoration trainer Colette Marence in Skyrim.

    You can give your healing powers a faster boost by visiting one of Skyrim’s specialist Restoration trainers. Provided you have enough gold to pay for their services, a Restoration trainer can increase your healing and protective spell proficiency at certain skill levels.

    The best Restoration trainer in Skyrim is the priestess Danica Pure-Spring. You’ll find her in the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun.

    Danica Pure-Spring at the Temple of Kynareth in Skyrim.

    As a Master-level trainer, she can train your skills up to level 90. However, she won’t do so until you’ve helped her out with her quest to restore the sacred Gildergreen tree. Complete The Blessings of Nature quest and you’ll be able to pay her for training.

    Before visiting Danica, you’ll get a headstart from Colette Marence, the Expert-level trainer at the College of Winterhold. In addition to training, she also sells scrolls and spells that you can learn to help level your Restoration faster.

    Other notable Restoration trainers worth visiting:

    • Keeper Carcette (Expert) – Hall of the Vigilant, near Dawnstar
    • Florentius Baenius (Master) – Fort Dawnguard, Dawnguard DLC required
    • Aphia Velothi (Common) – Raven Rock, Solstheim, Dragonborn DLC required

    Restoration Tips

    There are five skills books you can read to increase your Restoration level. Keep your eye out for them whilst exploring caves, ruins, and buildings.

    • 2920, Rain’s Hand, Volume Four
    • The Exodus
    • Mystery of Talara, Volume Two
    • Racial Phylogeny
    • Withershins

    Certain character races have Restoration skill boosts. If you want to focus on Restoration magic and you’re starting a new playthrough, consider choosing one of the following races.

    • Imperial (+10 starting Restoration bonus)
    • Argonian (+5 starting Restoration bonus)
    • Breton (+5 starting Restoration bonus)
    • High Elf (+5 starting Restoration bonus)

    Using a Ward spell during combat, especially at short intervals, will help level Restoration up quickly. This is only effective when below level 65.

    You’ll sometimes find Restoration spells as loot in certain locations. Some key places to pick these up include the Nordic ruin of Labyrinthian, Shalidor’s Maze, Dimhollow Crypt, and the Alfthand Ruined Tower.

    The College of Winterhold is the best place to buy Restoration spells. However, spells at Adept level and above will only appear in a merchant’s inventory once your magic skill is high enough.

    By fully exploring the skill tree and combining the best perks with different Restoration spells, you’ll be able to defend yourself from even the toughest of enemy attacks in Skyrim. With the right combinations, you’ll even be able to use Restoration offensively too.

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