Dart, Lavitz, and Shana in a shed, showcasing Dart's portrait next to the dialogue.

The Legend of Dragoon Fandub Project Brings the Characters to Life

Stephanie is a writer at VGKAMI and a long-time lover of video games—specifically JRPGs. Anything in the fantasy genre is her jam, and she vows to bring back The Legend of Dragoon one day. Stephanie has also worked as an editor at TheGamer and published features for NME.

Some dedicated fans are bringing the characters from The Legend of Dragoon to life by adding full voice acting parts over 20 years after the game’s release. This also includes character portraits alongside the text and added lines during combat.

Things are continuing to heat up in The Legend of Dragoon fandom. Just days ago, The Legend of Dragoon Upscale Project received another update. The video, published by Zychronix, showcased the city of Deningrad with updated and refreshing graphics. The goal of the Upscale Project, according to legendofdragoon.org, is to “make an 8x resolution AI upscale of the backgrounds as a base pack and then move on to other things such as model textures, UI, and map effects afterwards.”

Now, in addition to the Upscale Project, we’re seeing a rise in popularity for another major fan project—the Fandub Project. YouTube user, NogardDragN TV, has uploaded three full episodes of The Legend of Dragoon with full English voice-overs for all character dialogue.

In addition to every character receiving full voice acting, Nogard and their team have included the following:

  • Revised script, including extra lines from characters during combat
  • HD enhancements and 4k upscaled FMVs with all original voices
  • Character portraits beside the text
  • Music remixes for certain scenarios

According to Nogard, the team is currently editing Episode 1.3, the fourth episode in the series, so we are likely to see the next one soon. Additionally, the information under the video claims that the team is still looking for more voicework. It reads, “We are still currently looking for Extras/Voicework ranging from Kids to Elderly voices and even those with experience doing different characters.” So, if you’re interested in becoming a part of the project, you can reach out to Nogard through Discord’s DMs at (Nogchamp)8976 or join the project Discord.