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The Sims 4: 13 Challenges You Should Try

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The Sims 4 offers a lot of things to do. And thanks to the release of new content, the game keeps getting larger and richer. But if any player spends a lot of time immersed in the game’s world, they might get a bit bored. The best way to solve this is to take on one or more challenges that the fans of the game created.

Some of The Sims 4 challenges are fairly brief and simple while others take up a lot more time and effort. Whatever the case, the best challenges every player should try will keep you entertained. What’s more, they even let you try out things you wouldn’t consider doing in the game!

100 Baby Challenge

Two babies are lying in their bed in The Sims 4.

The 100 Baby Challenge is one of the best-known challenges, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Completing it takes a lot of time and patience. If it’s too difficult to complete the challenge with a single Sim, it’s possible to play with the future generations as well until the 100th baby is born.

A good way how to make it more difficult is to limit one pregnancy to one father. This way, the mother of the large family can’t return to the same partner over and over again. She’s not allowed to have a job either but can make money by selling her paintings or novels, for example.

100 Heartbreak Challenge

Two Sims are kissing in The Sims 4.

Raising 100 children can be too demanding. An opposite scenario sees a selected Sim break 100 hearts! To do that, they first have to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend. They can then break up with them and crush their heart.

They’re not allowed to get married or have children. If any of these things happen, the challenge ends and the Sim’s goal failed. Unlike in other challenges, it’s allowed to set the Sim’s lifespan to long. That gives him the time to make and break 100 different relationships.

Apocalypse Challenge

The world of The Sims 4 as it looks after apocalypse.

Apocalyptic movies are popular, so why not bring the genre to The Sims 4? This way, the player can alter the worlds and lots to look more desolate. They can also make the Sims fight and fear for their lives. Because of the apocalypse, the Sim has to follow plenty of rules or they won’t survive.

If you want to make the challenge even more interesting, you can download the mod which allows starting a zombie apocalypse in the game. Another option is to overrun the world with deadly vampires (again, there’s a mod for that) who kill their victims when they’re feeding on them. This challenge allows for a lot of violence and destruction. It might fit even players who are accustomed to more action-filled games than The Sims 4.

Black Widow Challenge

A beautiful woman admires her dress in The Sims 4.

This challenge allows the player to create a murderous story. A single female Sim with the serial romantic aspiration has to find a rich partner. Once she does, she cheats on her partner and then kills him to inherit his money. She then moves on to her next romance. This should happen ten times in total. At the end of the challenge, the Sim should not only be a widow but a very rich one!

An interesting variation of this challenge for all science fiction fans is the alien widow challenge. In this case, the Sim is an alien female who starts a family with a male Sim. She then has to starve her husband in her basement, and do the same thing ten more times. She should also have at least ten children at the challenge’s end. If she fulfills the requirements, she can escape the planet and go back to her homeworld Sixam in a spaceship!

Breed Out The Ugly Challenge

Vlad is burning in the sun in The Sims 4.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the old saying states, and it’s true. Except not in the world of The Sims 4! The goal is to create the weirdest-looking Sim you can possibly imagine. The second step is to have them breed with someone attractive. Continue to do so until the offspring will be attractive, no matter how many generations it takes to achieve this!

A favorite “ugly” Sim that some players like to include is Vlad from Forgotten Hollow because of his long nose and narrow chin. It’s also possible to take a look in the Gallery and search for Sims that other players created for this challenge.

Castaway Challenge

An abandoned beach in Sulani in The Sims 4.

Living on a deserted island and making do with what nature has to offer isn’t an easy task. The Castaway Challenge provides a unique experience. The Sim can either live on the Island in Winderburg or in Sulani. Whatever the case, there must be no other families and houses or other lots.

The Sim isn’t allowed to leave the island. They will have to make their living by fishing, gardening, and finding collectible things. This challenge is ideal for those who have an adventurous spirit. A similar scenario is The Island Challenge, with the important difference being that you play with two Sims, not just one.

Decades Challenge

A Starter Home for the Decades Challenge in The Sims 4.

All history buffs out there should pay attention to this challenge! In the history challenge, each generation of a Sim family lives in a different decade. They should dress, behave, and use things appropriate to their time period. The History Challenge starts in the 1890s. So, for example, your Sims won’t be looking for their jobs on a computer anytime soon!

In case the 1890s isn’t early enough for you, there’s another similar challenge called The History Challenge. This one allows the player to start much earlier. As such, they can witness the development of society all the way up to the 21st century.

Disney Princess Challenge

Cinderella wears blue dress in The Sims 4.

Many people love Disney fairytales and a lot of players love The Sims 4. But so far, there hasn’t really been a strong connection between the two—until this challenge came along. The Disney Princess Challenge is a legacy challenge. This means you’ll be playing with multiple generations of the same family.

Each generation portrays a different Disney fairytale. For example, the first one is about Snow White. She should have seven children (aka seven dwarfs) and obey other rules as well. Those include never talking to elderly women in case they would turn out to be the evil queen/witch!

Homeless Challenge

Homeless people sit in the street in the Sims 4.

While being homeless in real life wouldn’t be fun, it makes for creative gameplay in The Sims 4! After creating the Sim, all you need to do is remove all of his money and have the Sim sleep and eat whenever they can.

The Sim can’t get a job and can only earn money via other means, such as using their hobbies, fishing, gardening, and collecting whatever they can find. As such, it’s a true challenge to save enough money to build a house and have at least 5000 Simoleons at their disposal. Once the Sim manages exactly that, the challenge is over!

Mythical Motherhood Challenge

A woman talks to a vampire in the Sims 4.

In this challenge, the goal is for the Sim to have a baby with each of the supernatural and/or mythical beings in the game. The vampires, aliens, and mermaids are a given.

But the challenge also includes other species, such as Father Winter, Island Elementals, the Servo Bot, or Plant Sims! A bonus point in this challenge is that some of the children might have special powers. It’ll be interesting to watch whether they turn out more like their human parent or the mythical ones.

Not So Berry Challenge

A Sim talks to a child in the Not So Berry Challenge in The Sims 4.

The Not So Berry Challenge is another challenge that many The Sims 4 players are aware of. Each generation of the same family has a different color that should reflect in their hairstyle, clothing, as well as their home. They are also supposed to have certain character traits, careers, and an aspiration.

For example, the first generation is Mint, the Sim should work as a scientist, fulfill the mischief aspiration, and have the following traits: materialistic, jealous, and vegan. This challenge is ideal for all who keep using the same traits and careers for their Sims and would like to try something new. Plus, from a visual point of view, the Not So Berry Challenge has a lot to offer since each generation has a unique look.

Off The Grid Challenge

A house that is off the grid in The Sims 4.

If the player wants their Sim to lead a simpler life, this challenge is ideal for them! In this scenario, the Sim can’t use any electricity and water, not in the traditional way.

They have to figure out how to prepare food, get water, and stay warm without the need for any modern equipment. The expansion pack Island Living or Eco Lifestyle help with this challenge but it still takes some persistence and quick thinking from the player.

Runaway Teen Challenge

Teenager runs from home in The Sims 4.

The Runaway Teen Challenge has a teenager run away from home and live on an empty lot. The Sim can’t go to school or do their homework.

They have to avoid all adult people because these might bring the runaway back to their parents. The Sim also can’t get a regular job, at least not until they’ve managed to build a basic home. Avoiding all adults in The Sims 4 can be challenging but it makes for a memorable gaming experience!