Kath Leroy

Kath became a professional writer in 2015. She wrote articles for various websites spanning different industries including culture, lifestyle, pets, and travel, both in Czech and English. However, it wasn't until 2020 that Kath decided to write even more about the topics she loved since childhood — video games, movies, TV, and comics. Since then, Kath has created and written list articles, and guides for Game Rant, The Gamer, CBR, and Screen Rant.

Even though Kath loves to try many video games, she prefers the fantasy genre and/or open-world games, anything that allows her more freedom. Lately, she's been focused on playing The Sims 4, replaying The Witcher 3 all over again, and returning to older games. To this day, she still hasn't decided if Ciri should become an empress or a witcher.

When not playing video games or writing about them, Kath focuses on acting and screenwriting. She's been acting professionally since 2017 and appeared in dozens of movies, TV series, web series, and other forms of media. She also regularly does voice work. Kath wrote several screenplays for both feature films and short films, with her special favorite being the superhero genre.

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