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Triangle Strategy: How to Promote Units

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A big part of most tactics games includes the ability to promote your units. You’ll need to know how to do this in Triangle Strategy to make your units more effective in battle.

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    What Does It Mean to Promote Units?

    Much like in other tactics games, you can promote your units in Triangle Strategy. You’ll want to promote your units because doing so will usually increase at least one—though usually several—of the unit’s stats. Additionally, units can gain new abilities to use in battle through rank promotion.

    How to Promote Units

    Requirements to promote Benedict

    Promoting units is straightforward. In the encampment, speak with Archibald, or the elderly man who runs the Sundry Shop. Scroll down to “Promote Class,” and tap “A.” This will open a full list of characters you’ve recruited so far. Tapping on any individual character will bring up a screen that outlines that character’s next class and the requirements needed to promote.

    Generally, you will need to meet a level requirement, and you’ll need to have the correct type of Medal to complete the promotion.

    How to Get Medals

    There are different types of Medals you will need to promote your units in Triangle Strategy. However, Medals are not as easy to obtain as other materials. There are two main ways to get Medals—the first being through simply completing battles. As you progress through the game, you can earn Medals upon the completion of certain battles.

    The other way you can get Medals is through earning Kudos and trading those for Medals at the Sundry Shop. The Medals won’t always be in stock there though, so make sure to check before spending your time trying to stock up on Kudos.