Evolving the Lighting Ring to become Thunder Loop in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to Evolve the Lightning Ring

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Key Takeaway

You can evolve the Lightning Ring by getting it to its max level while also having the Duplicator passive item. You should then find a treasure chest and open it to evolve the weapon.

The Lightning Ring is a weapon in Vampire Survivors that can obliterate random enemies quickly. Once evolved, though, it becomes more effective. Its evolved form covers more ground, which is what you’ll want considering how numerous the enemies can be.

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    The Passive Item Required to Evolve the Lightning Ring

    Every weapon in Vampire Survivors requires a passive item before it can evolve. For the Lightning Ring, you’ll need to have the Duplicator.

    Duplicator from Vampire Survivors.

    The Duplicator functions exactly as it sounds. It duplicates your projectiles once per level. This item only has two levels.

    You unlock the Duplicator by getting the Magic Wand weapon up to level 7. The Magic Wand is the starting weapon of Imelda Balpaese, a character you can unlock for 10 gold coins.

    Playing as Imelda Balpaese in Vampire Survivors.

    Evolving the Lightning Ring

    You can evolve the Lightning Ring by getting it up to its maximum level, which is level 8. You should also have the passive item necessary in your inventory.

    After which, find a boss or an enemy that’s larger and has more health than the average field enemy. Defeat it and it will drop a Treasure Chest. Open the chest and the Lightning Ring will evolve into the Thunder Loop.

    Unlocking the Thunder Loop evolution in Vampire Survivors.

    The Thunder Loop attacks in the same fashion as the Lightning Ring. Only this time, the Thunder Loop will add one more set of lightning strikes a few seconds after the first one lands.

    This essentially makes the Lightning Ring twice as effective.