The pop up after opening a coffin in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to Open Coffins

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Key Takeaway

You can open the coffins in Vampire Survivors by defeating the enemies that are circling them.

There are coffins in Vampire Survivors you can stumble upon if you look for them hard enough, or if you have a map with you. Once found, opening them can be relatively easy.  You may like what’s inside them.

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    Obtain a Milky Way Map

    You’ll first need to find a coffin in Vampire Survivors before you worry about opening one. Finding one can be a bit tricky.

    While not necessary to find a coffin, getting the Milky Way Map can make the process much easier for you.

    You can find the Milky Way Map in the Dairy Plant. As soon as you start this stage, you’ll see a green arrow at the bottom of the screen pointing downwards. This arrow is pointing toward the direction of the map.

    Pasqualina in the Dairy Plant.

    Simply follow the direction the arrow is pointing towards and you’ll find the Milky Way Map.

    Obtaining the Milky Way Map in Vampire Survivors.

    Once obtained, open your menu and it will reveal a minimalistic map that points where certain items are in the stage you’re in.

    The coffin is labeled as a question mark (?) symbol, and your avatar is labeled as the diamond icon with a golden outline in the center. Travel towards the direction of the question mark and you’ll eventually find it.

    The location of the coffin in Mad Forest marked on the map.

    You can also toggle on the “Show Guides” option and you’ll see arrows on the in-game screen that point toward the stage’s items of interest. The arrow that leads to the coffin is marked with a square, black box that has red adornments on it. This image is literally what a coffin in Vampire Survivors looks like.

    Opening Coffins

    Once you stumble upon a coffin in Vampire Survivors, you’ll immediately notice that it’s circled by enemies that alternatively move away and closer to it.

    The player standing next to the enemies that are circling the coffin in Mad Forest.

    To open a coffin, you’ll need to defeat all the enemies circling it. Once done, go to the coffin and it will automatically open for you.

    What Can You Find Inside a Coffin?

    The coffins in Vampire Survivors contain new playable characters that you can unlock. However, this doesn’t mean you can play as these characters right away. Opening a coffin and releasing a character simply makes them available for purchase.

    As of writing, there are five coffins in Vampire Survivors. Here are the stages where you can find them and the characters they contain:

    • Mad Forst – Pugnala Provola
    • Inlaid Library – Giovanna Grana
    • Dairy Plant – Poppea Pecorina
    • Gallo Tower – Cocetta Caciotta
    • Cappella Magna – Zi’Assunta Belpaese