An Ancient Fort in Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: An Ancient Fort

Chasing Phantoms in One's Dreams

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An Ancient Fort
Enemies: Alphabat (Black), Cybot (Yellow)
MauveCloud did some research on who can be in your party for the beginning. After 150 tries, he only had 15 of the characters join, and they were Doc, Fargo, Greco, Irenes, Korcha, Leena, Mel, Miki, Nikki, Orcha, Orlha, Poshul, Razzly, Van, and Zappa.

Go ahead and take some time to get used to the controls and change the configuration to suit your preferences. When you’re ready, head southwest to the next area, where you’ll find a crystal-like structure. Once you see it, go back to the other room, then head east and south to the next room.

Follow the path, climbing up the nearby stairs. You can fight the Cybot here if you want to get used to the battle system. We recommend fighting the enemies you see here for fun since you’re so strong right now.

Keep following the path to the next area, then follow the stairs west to the area after. Head northeast, going past all of the stairs you see until you reach another room. Here’s where you saw the crystal. Walk up to it and press X to turn it off.

Ancient Tower Crystal.

Go back to the previous room and backtrack to the stairs that lead to the east, then go up them and fight the Cybot if you wish. Once you’re ready, move west onto the teleportation pad; press X to warp upward.

You’ll then be outside. After some discussion, approach the door, and watch the events unfold.

Arni Village