Arni Village in Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: Arni Village

Where the Tides Start to Turn

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Arni Village
Gold: 200G
Elements: #Tablet, Uplift x2, Photon Ray, Aqua Beam, Cure
Equipment: Ivory Helmet
Key Items: Komodo Scale, Heckran Bone, Shark Tooth
Window Frames: Shellfish
Recruitable Characters: Poshul (Yellow)

A voice will be calling for Serge to wake up, similar to in Chrono Trigger. After waking up from the dream, he’ll open the curtains and you’ll regain control. Check under his bed to find his secret savings of 200G. In the lower left part of the room, examine the pots to find a #Tablet. Head out.

Talking to as many people as you can. It’ll make the game more enjoyable! For example, when you talk to Marge, you learn why Serge needs to be up, and when you talk to Marge the second time, you can choose to share your opinion of what could happen with Leena, so choose either one.

This game has a lot of detail, so make a point to talk to everyone.

Now you’re supposed to go and talk to Leena, so exit Serge’s house.

For those of you in New Game+, you can obtain Ending #3 by defeating the final boss right now. Just go to the left part of the beach and use the Time Egg on the purple wormhole, but only if you’re alone. You can get this up until you talk to Leena at the pier. You must be alone.

Before going to the docks to meet Leena, there’s a lot to do. Talk to the guy on the left side of the giant sawfish.

Giant Sawfish in Arni Village.

He asks you what you think about the sawfish.

  • Hah, you wish!
  • You’re probably right!

Make sure to choose option 2. He’ll get caught up in the moment and will give you a Komodo Scale for playing along.

Go down into the lower area where a woman has set up shop; examine the pile of junk to her left to find a Shellfish window frame.

Shellfish Window Frame in Chrono Cross.

Next, talk to the kid between the houses on the right. He needs a Komodo Scale for his girlfriend, or else she might start liking his friend Lolo! While standing in front of him, press SQUARE to bring up the Key Item menu, and give him the Komodo Scale. He’ll ask you for it.

  • Sure, take it!
  • No way!
  • Sell it for 1,000G

Choose option 1 since you’re a nice guy, and also because Leena won’t take this one. In return, he’ll give you an Uplift element. He’ll also tell you that Poshul’s favorite foods are Heckran Bones, and she’ll do anything for one. Now go to the house on the right closest to the pier.

If you talk to the guy sitting on the bench, he’ll give you three hints on collecting Komodo Scales. Make your way down the stairs and talk to Kiki’s father down here. At the end of the conversation, he’ll give you a Shark Tooth since he doesn’t need it anymore. Talk to him again, and he says that if you see another him, to give him that amulet. Exit here and go to the neighbor’s house.

Shark Tooth Key Item in Chrono Cross.

Head to the right side of the screen and ‘talk’ to the barrel four times. It will give you another Uplift element. Talk to the waitress and she’ll tell you the poem she wrote, and she tell you that she is going to be a poet someday if she can ever get out of this place.

Anyway, head northeast and open the door. Go to where the dog is/was and examine under the left side of the bed to find a Heckra Bone, Poshul’s favorite food! Open the chest to the right as well to find an Ivory Helmet. Leave this house and go to the one next to Serge’s, which is Leena’s place.

Heckran Bone location in Chrono Cross.

Check the bucket beside the tree by Poshul’s dog house to find a Photon Ray inside. Leave this house and go to the lower left part of the screen to go to the next area.

Go west a little bit and when you reach the stairs, look for a bucket beside the stairs to find an Aqua Beam element, then go inside the house. A Record of Fate resides here, but you cannot use it since other people currently are.

Go left and examine the little frame with a symbol on it to find a Cure element, then leave the house and go north. Go up to the pinkish dog, Poshul, and press SQUARE to bring up the Key Item menu, then give her the Heckran Bone. She’ll accept the present and will repay you by joining your party!

Poshul joins the party in Chrono Cross.

Now would be a good time to put some elements on your grids. Make sure to have a couple of blue ones on here for Radius’ lesson, then go and talk to Radius (the old guy with the cane in blue and white) to start the lesson on combat. You cannot win (unless you’re in New Game+, then beat him down!), so just listen to what he says and do what he wants you to do. When it’s done, he’ll beat you and end the battle.

After that is over, it is time to meet up with Leena. Head to the pier and talk to her. Choose either option when you can, and then you’ll be told that once you get three Komodo scales, you need to go to Opassa Beach to meet up with her.

It’s time to leave, but before you do, go to the item shop and get some elements if you need to, then leave Arni Village and go to the World Map.

An Ancient Fort
Cape Howl, Lizard Rock, and Opassa Beach