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Viper Manor
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Norris (Yellow), Karsh (Green)/Zoah (Yellow)
Records/Fate: Barn with the dragons, Dragoons’ rest area B1, 3rd floor outside of Riddel’s bedroom, Outside of the Prison cells
Elements: Deluge, Nimble
Techs: Toss & Spike (Level 7 Tech for Noah)
Equipment: Viper’s Venom, Magic Seal
Materials: @Rainbow Shell, @Humour, @Denadorite
Key Items: Prison Key
Recruits: Orcha (Red), Grobyc (Black)
Enemies: Spearfisher (Blue), Lantern Jaw (Blue), Porre Private (White), Porre Sergeant (White), Guillot (Yellow)
Bosses: Roachester (Blue), Hell’s Cook (Red), Grobyc (Black)

As you enter the gate, they will let you through. Talk to the soldiers in front of the manor and they will let you through.

After some events, you’ll be in the manor. You can go into Zoah’s room if you have Zoah in your party. He’ll open the chest that contains his level 7 skill, Toss & Spike. Go back and take the left path and go in the last door. Norris is in here. Talk to him to receive the Prison Key.

When you leave, you’ll see another scene with Orcha. After that, head downstairs. Go east to where you were captured, then go east some more and enter the last door. Here, go to the northwestern corner and examine the pillar, then push the switch. Push the snake into the spot by the wall, and then go in there. Retrieve the Viper’s Venom and the @Rainbow Shell.

Rainbow Shell in Viper Manor.

Go back to where you came down and save in the Dragoons’ rest area. You can either go down to the sewers through the kitchen grate or the hallway grate. Go down through either one.

Down here, when you walk into the waterway, you’ll be swept down. You need to shut off the water flow. Go up the steps and then go down the other set here. Follow the waterway to a fork. Go east and follow the path until you reach some grating. Smack on the grating to knock the chest down to where you can reach it. We’ll get that later.

Treasure Chest under well in Chrono Cross.

Go back to the fork and go north. Go up the stairs here and knock the barrel into the water. Go back to where you were dropped off by the platform. Go east across the barrel, and follow the path around until you reach the bridge with one barrel. You can see another barrel to the west-northwest, so go over and knock it off, then grab the @Humour in the northeast corner behind the pillars and covers.

Now you can cross this bridge here. Go west and up the stairs. There’s a valve up here, so TIGHTEN it.

Tighten the Valve in the Sewers in Chrono Cross.

Go back down the stairs. Go back to where you pushed down the first barrel, and keep following the waterway around the outside and west. Grab the @Denadorite to the southwest, then go up the stairs and the ladder here to the north.

You’ll be back on the basement floor. Before going back down, go to the area in front of the manor. Go down the well. Get the Deluge that you knocked down in the sewers. Go back into the manor and go to the kitchen. Go down the grate and when you go into the waterway, hold to the right. Go up the stairs and follow the path to a Magic Seal.

Magic Seal in Chrono Cross.

Go back and drop down into the waterway and hold to the right again. Follow this path until you reach some stairs followed by a fork.

Go north, then west until you reach a wheel. Turn it, and then go east to the next area. Follow the path and TIGHTEN the valve, then head back to the fork on the previous screen. Go south to the bottom, then west, then north into the waterway. Go east to the next area, up two sets of stairs, and follow the path until you reach a chest containing a Nimble, then go back a little bit and go down the stairs to the north into the waterway. Stay close to the northern wall when you go west, then north to the ladder. Climb up here and OPEN the valve, then climb down and go through the upper-eastern path. A huge bug called the Roachester will attack you.

Roachester boss in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Roachester

Spoils: Summon Star #27, 1076G, Elbow Pad

Use the usual strategy here. Use the opposite color elements, stay healed, and attack hard. He’s really easy, though he can do a little bit of damage to you before you win.

Go up this ladder, and you’ll have your choice of three ladders. The left most grate is holding Glenn captive if he’s not in your party, the middle one has a man that is freaking out, and the right-most one is the one we want. Fargo is up here, and when you bang on the grate, it will move the bed so Fargo will move off and move the bed. He’ll see Lynx, but you’ll explain to him that you’re not Lynx, and he’ll help you get out. He’ll use the Prison Key on the cell, and Fargo will go to save the others while you save Riddel. Leave the cell.

Go east and use the Record of Fate, and then enter the door. You’ll see Riddel in here, along with Hell’s Cook, whom you will now have to fight.

Hell's Cook boss in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Hell's Cook

Spoils: Summon Star #28, 1490G, Gold Pendant or @Mythril

Attack and stay healed. There’s not really much more I can say. He isn’t hard, and he doesn’t have any threatening attacks. The battle can get kind of long, though.

The Porre Soldiers will run away, and Orcha will return to normal, and he’ll join your party!

Recruiting Orcha in Chrono Cross.

After that, you’ll be in the first room in the manor. Head north through the big double doors, and into this area. You’ll have to fight some Porre soldiers.

After you defeat them, you’ll have to face Grobyc.

Grobyc boss fight in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Grobyc

Spoils: Summon Star #29, 1250G, Defender or Free Fall

He is a little more difficult than Hell’s Cook, but not much. Just watch out for his Rocket Fist and Hair Cutter attacks, since they will do a moderate amount of damage. This battle is a little longer than the last one.

After the battle, the Porre Sergeant will turn on the Guillot, and it will attack you. He isn’t as hard as he looks.

This is why I picked Karsh. He does a lot more damage than Zoah, especially in this battle. Have him use Dragon Rider, Axial Axe, and other green elements such as Aero Blaster or Tornado. You should be able to win with just one turn from Lynx and Karsh.

After the battle, it’ll come back to life. You’ll run towards the library while it chases you. It’ll catch you at a dead end in the library and you’ll fight it again.

No sweat, just do the same thing as last time. The Prophet will tell you to lower the ladder with the button in the bookshelf and go up there. So do so, and more events will unfold as you wind up in the Dragon Barn, where Grobyc will show up and offer to join your party!

Recruiting Grobyc in Chrono Cross.

Then you’ll automatically leave here.

There’s a boat ready, so get on it and go to Hermit’s Hideaway.

For those of you in New Game+, you can obtain Ending #8 by defeating the final boss now. This is your ONLY chance.

A Portal Reopened
Surprise Attack!