The Portal in Opassa Beach

Chrono Cross: A Portal Reopened

And the Planet Began to Shake

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You can now forge @Denadorite equipment. This stuff is second-best in the game, next to @Rainbow equipment. If you need @Denadorites, go to the S.S. Zelbess and play at the casino. Only 100G per @Denadorite, that is, if you win.

Okay. You’ll be at the edge of Marbule. The clouds over the Dead Sea are gone, and you can visit the Dead Sea Ruins. There are three Fate distortions. It looks like a wormhole, but the Astral Amulet doesn’t respond to it.

There are now seven pillars in the Bend of Time if you want to go through there with Sprigg. If you fight the Tragediennes here, Sprigg will be able to turn into them. After that, go to the Shadow Forest. Have someone equip a Black Hole. Get in a battle with a Cuscus. Cast the Black Hole, then have Sprigg battle and turn into the Tragedienne. Heal them if you have to, then have the Tragedienne cast Black Hole and hope the enemies don’t die. Defend for a couple of turns and the Cuscus will cast Black Hole, and you’ll keep it! This works with all elements you may have or the Doppelgangs have.

Check out Person Man’s Element/Tech Location Guide at GameFAQs for some in-depth patterns and locations for those rare summons and elements. He does them very well.

Another thing, now that you can access both worlds again. You should have a Level 7 spot on a few of your people’s grids, Irenes for example. We’ll tell you where you can trap all of the Level 7 summons and how to do it. All of the trap elements are available to buy at Marbule in Another World, but you can’t get there just yet because you can’t access your boat. If you did what we did earlier, we had 3 of each Trap Element when we were still Serge, so we were able to complete our Level 7 summon collection.

All of these enemies must start the battle by themselves or in a group of the same enemy, best if they’re just one of them. When you set the Trap, make sure the Field Effect is already turned that color or that the Trap makes it that color!

  • Frog Prince – You will receive this when you get the Ice Breath from the Water Dragon. (OR) You will get this after you beat the Dragoon at Fort Dragonia, if you didn’t go on the Ice Breath Quest.
  • Mother Ship – At Isle of the Damned in Home World. Set the Trap Element, and the Airframe will cast it after the Field Effect is Black. Wait for a while and he should cast it.
  • Unicorn – At Fossil Valley in Home World. Go down to where you found the Big Egg. Set the Trap Element, and the Dodo will cast it after the Field Effect is White. Wait for a while, and he should cast it.
  • Golem – At Hydra Marshes in Another World. Set the Trap Element, and the Centaurpede will cast it after the Field Effect is Yellow. Wait for a while and he should cast it.
  • Sonja – At Shadow Forest in Home World. Set the Trap Element, and the Bulb will cast it after the Field Effect is Green. Wait for a while and he should cast it.
  • Redwolf – At Mt. Pyre in Home World. Set the Trap Element, and the HotDoggity will cast it after the Field Effect is Red. Wait for a while and he should cast it.

You can head to Termina or Guldove to stock up on elements, then head out to Opassa Beach. Use the Astral Amulet on the wormhole, and you’ll go back to Another World. After the dialogue here, leave Opassa Beach and go to Arni Village.

Arni Village (Another)

Arni Village (Another)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Norris (Yellow), Irenes (Blue)
Materials: @Rainbow Shell

Examine the cart where the saleswoman was for the @Rainbow Shell that we had seen at the beginning of the game.

Rainbow Shell in Arni Village.

That’s all we can do here, so let’s head to Fossil Valley so we can get to Termina. Bring Draggy along for this next section.

Fossil Valley (Another)

Fossil Valley (Another)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Norris (Yellow), Draggy (Red)
Techs: Big Breath (Level 7 Tech for Draggy
Enemies: Shadow Cat (Black), Tutanshaman (Red)

Things aren’t much different, besides the fact that the monsters are a little tougher. Follow the path and go up the ladder. Go up to the big skull where you found Skelly’s head. Examine it, and Draggy will receive his level 7 tech, Big Breath.

Draggy's Level 7 Tech location.

That’s all here, so leave Fossil Valley, then go to Termina and bring Zappa with you.

Termina (Another)

Termina (Another)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Norris (Yellow), Zappa (Red)
Records/Fate: Inn
Key Items: Tear of Hate
Recruitable Characters: Zoah* (Yellow), Karsh* (Green)
*You can only recruit one

In Termina, the element shop now has upgraded elements that you could have bought in the Home World. When you go to the Smithy, talk to Zappa with Zappa. They’ll talk about forging the @Rainbow Axe, but their hammers are not strong enough for the job yet.

Anyway, head to the bar. You’ll be called out by the bartender to come and she’ll unlock a door. Go west and into that door, and she’ll tell you to go into the left side.

You’ll see Karsh and Zoah in here, and they’ll talk about the events in Fort Dragonia. You’ll then receive the Tear of Hate, one-half of the Dragon Tear.

Recruiting Karsh in Chrono Cross.

You can now pick either Karsh or Zoah to join you.

  1. Karsh
  2. Zoah

We like to go with, but it’s up to you. You’ll get the other one after you rescue Riddel.


Now, let’s head out to Viper Manor. On the way out, you’ll see Norris give orders to some soldiers to capture Serge. He’ll ask you what happened, and then he may see himself (and maybe one of the Devas too) if he’s in your party. He’ll try to understand, and then a soldier will come and tell Norris that Grobyc has arrived at the manor. Norris will head to the manor, and so do we.

The Dead Sea
Back to Viper Manor