Serge's grave in Cape Howl.

Chrono Cross: Cape Howl

A Reminder of One's Former Self

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Cape Howl
Elements: Electro Jolt
Materials: @Bone
Recruitable Characters: Kid* (Red), Leena* (Blue), Mojo (Black)
Enemies: Beach Bum (Blue), SandSquirt (Blue)
Bosses: Karsh (Green), Solt (Yellow), Peppor (Yellow)
*The character you recruit is based on decisions you make

Not much different here. Where the second chest was last time is another chest containing an Electro Jolt. Go up the ladder here and grab the @Bone, then go north to the next area. Go up to the gravestone and read it.

Three guys will come up, kick Poshul off the cliff, and ask you to come with them. You’ll refuse, and as they go to grab you, a girl will show up. After she runs her mouth to them, she’ll decide to help you out. (Doesn’t she look a bit familiar?)

Karsh, Solt, and Peppor.

Boss: Karsh, Solt, and Peppor

Spoils: Summon Star #2, 300G, Bone Axe or Power Glove, Ivory Vest or @Copper, Ivory Helmet or @Copper

This battle isn’t really tough. During the battle, the three have a little tutorial for you on element opposites.

Anyway, have Serge and the girl use MagmaBomb, followed by your strongest attacks. Attack Solt first, then Peppor, and finally Karsh. Just watch out for the DragonRider attack, as it will take a decent chunk out of your HP.

Try to stay healed throughout the battle, and you should be fine.

They’ll retreat, and you’ll be able to name your female companion. She is Kid, th e same person that you saw at the beginning of the game. Kid will offer to join.

  1. Travel together.
  2. Refuse… (Select this option)


  1. Fine, let’s go.
  2. …… (Select this option)


  1. Sure, let’s go.
  2. No thanks. (Select this option)

It’s best to refuse her three times. If you REALLY want her, you can accept, but Leena will NEVER join your party if you recruit Kid now. When you reach Termina, Kid will join, so just hold off until then, okay?

She’ll leave, and Poshul will come back. After that, you’ll wake up in Arni. Leena will come in and will decide that she wants to help. She joins you as your third member.

If you did not recruit Poshul before, she will join with Leena.
Leena joins the party in Chrono Cross.

Before you leave the village, head to the house on the right closest to the pier and head down to the basement. Kiki’s father is here as well. Remember that the other guy in your world said to give his other self that amulet? Let’s do that.

He asks where you got it, and he doesn’t believe it was found by his other self. As you leave, the idol, Mojo, will tell you to hold on, and he will join your party!

Mojo Joins the Party in Chrono Cross.

Unless you want to see how ridiculous he is in battle, leave him out of your party for now. That’s it, so let’s head out.

Another Arni Village
Hydra Marshes & Fossil Valley