Leena in Another Arni Village.

Chrono Cross: Another Arni Village

Nothing has Changed but Everything!

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Out here on the World Map, notice that the music has changed, and you have to go through Lizard Rock again… let’s go.

Lizard Rock (Another)

Lizard Rock (Another)
Equipment: Ivory Helmet
Materials: @Feather, @Bone
Enemies: Opah Fish (Red), SandSquirt (Blue), Beach Bum (Blue), Komodo Pup (Blue)

As you enter Lizard Rock, you’ll encounter new monsters known as Opah Fish. While they may be new, they aren’t particularly difficult to deal with. Start by going down the hole to the south again, and then ascend the stairs to find a chest containing a @Feather.

After collecting it, jump back through and follow the path down to the bridge, engaging in battles with the Fish as you come across them. Cross the bridge and proceed south to the next area.

In this next area, head south to find a chest with a @Bone. As you continue eastward, a Komodo Pup will unexpectedly jump off a ledge and ambush you. It’s a bit of poetic justice, considering your earlier tactics!

After dealing with the ambush, go east and then north to reach the next area. Here, you’ll encounter another Komodo Pup. Defeat it and claim the Ivory Helmet. With that, you’ve pretty much covered everything in Lizard Rock, so exit to the northeast and head back to Arni Village.

Arni Village (Another)

Arni Village (Another)
Elements: IceLance, #Tablet, Photon Ray, Magma Bomb, Turn Red, #Tablet

Head into the first house on the right, and in place of the barrel, there’s a pot. ‘Talk’ to it four times and it will give you an Ice Lance. Talk to the girl here to find out that she had given up on her poems long ago, and wonders how you knew about them.

After that, go northeast and open the door to this room. Open the curtain where the chest was before, and you’ll find that it is still there; you’ll receive a #Tablet when you open it. Leave this house, and hold off going to the house closer to the pier until we’re done with the next part of this guide, since there’s nothing to do there just yet.

Go to Leena’s house and check in the same pot as you did last time to find another Photon Ray. Leave here and go to Serge’s house.

Go into Serge’s room and open the curtains so you can see. If you want to rest, you can talk to the Komodo Pup, but it’ll cost you 100G. In the upper left part of the room, there’s a Magma Bomb in the chest, but you cannot see it since it’s behind the boxes. As you leave the house, talk to the guy here, then leave and go to the western part of the village.

No one is here now except a cat; look inside the pot beside the stairs to find a Turn Red element. Enter the house, then check the frame with a symbol again to find a #Tablet. Head to the pier.

Talk to Leena here to progress the story, then you’ll be told you need to go to Cape Howl, so let’s do that now.

Poshul confronts Leena.

You can stop at the element shop if you want; if you examine the pile of stuff beside her, you’ll find a @Rainbow Shell, but she’ll take it from you since it isn’t for sale. Oh well… leave the village and head to Cape Howl.

Cape Howl, Lizard Rock, and Opassa Beach
Cape Howl