Help Kid in Guldove.

Chrono Cross: Guldove | Helping a Friend

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Guldove | Helping a Friend
Our Party: Serge (White),  Leena (Blue), Nikki (Blue)/Guile (Black)/Pierre (Blue)
Records/Fate: Dragon Shrine
Equipment: Feathery Dress
Key Items: Pelvic Bone, Green Tinkler

Choose the bottom option to choose to help Kid. You need to choose your new party, and then Doc’s assistant will suggest you go see the shaman in the village, and then you’ll leave the doctor’s office. Korcha will wait at the boat, so before you go to the shaman, talk to the girl out here and tell her that you want to trade. You don’t have to trade, but exit after it and she’ll give you a Pelvic Bone for Skelly, if you accept.

Skelly's Pelvic Bone location.

Head west to the smithy here if you want, and then go west to the next area.

Go north into the bar to see an event with Doc and Orlha, then you’ll regain control. You can’t go in there right now, so head up the ladder, and go in the tent here if you want to buy some elements. Leave the tent, then head northeast to the next screen before we see the shaman. Don’t go into the actual tent here. Head around to the back and always face the tent and you should enter a hidden room. There’s a chest in here containing a Feathery Dress.

Feathery Dress location.

Leave here, and head back to the area with the element shop, then head west to the next area.

Here is the Dragon Shrine. Enter, then talk to Direa and Steena as much as you want to learn whatever you need to know. All you need to know for now is that to get back to the other world you need to go to the Land of Genesis, a.k.a. Opassa Beach.

After you’re done, head out of here and go back to the bar. Talk to the Dwarf here and he’ll give you a Green Tinkler, which will manipulate the plants in the Hydra Marshes.

Green Tinkler in Chrono Cross.

Now, head to the docks to where Korcha is. Talk to him so you can leave for Termina.

Termina | Helping a Friend