Guldove Decision Point.

Chrono Cross: Guldove (Decision Point)

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Guldove (Decision Point)
Key Items: Astral Amulet

You’ll wake up in Korcha’s house. Leave the house to watch some more events. After a bit, you’ll receive the Astral Amulet from Kid.

Decision Point

You have to make another decision here. You can either choose to help Kid, or do nothing. Will you help her?

  1. …I don’t know.
  2. Find a way to save her.

And then:

  1. …There’s nothing we can do.
  2. I’ll find a way to save her.

Choosing option 2 will let you help her. If you choose 1 twice, you won’t help her. Below are the characters you can recruit, depending on your choice.

Helping a FriendLeaving a Friend Behind
  • Korcha
  • Razzly
  • Mel
  • Macha
  • Glenn
  • Doc

Just to let you know, if you don’t help her, she’ll rejoin after the S.S. Invincible quest. Do whatever you wish, and follow the walkthrough accordingly.

For those of you in New Game+, you can obtain Ending #5 by defeating the final boss now. You can do this until Kid gets healed OR until you recruit Razzly. You must recruit Razzly to view Ending #6.

Viper Manor