Hydra Marshes helping Kid.

Chrono Cross: Hydra Marshes | Helping a Friend

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Hydra Marshes | Helping a Friend
Our Party: Serge (White), Korcha (Blue), Leena (Blue)
Records/Fate: 3rd screen from the left of the entrance, Screen before the Hydra
Elements: Cure, #Brace, Bushbasher, Recover All, Aero Saucer, #Antidote, #Ointment, #Medicine
Materials: @Feather, @Bone
Key Items: Beeba Flute, Hydra Humour
Recruitable Characters: Razzly (Green)
Enemies: Potpurri, Swarmp Bug, Beeba, Pentapus, Quadffid
Bosses: Wingapede (Green), Hydra (Yellow), Dwarf (Yellow), Daggy Dwarf (Yellow), Daffy Dwarf (Yellow)

Talk to the guy at the entrance and he’ll finally let you through. Go east and around the corner to find a chest containing a @Feather. Go back and go west instead. As you follow the path, you’ll see a fairy spirit. At the fork here, go down the log and east and grab the @Bone to the south, then go back and go north. Go up the stalk and get the Cure, and then go back to the first area and go west to the next area.

Follow the path, and you’ll see the Wingapede pass over you. Keep following the path and get the #Brace to the north, then go west to the next area. Here, you’ll see a Beeba. He’ll fight you, and then after the fight, you’ll receive the Beeba Flute. You need to go to a wide open space to blow it, not right here. Use the Record of Fate, and then go to the next area.

Beeba Flute in Chrono Cross.

Follow the path north, and when you’re given the option, choose the first one to attack the Beeba. After the battle, get the Bushbasher that was behind him. Go back and northeast and up to the next area. Now, blow the Beeba Flute here, and the Wingapede will come. It’s not as friendly as the Beeba said, and it will attack you.

It’s not a boss battle, but it’s not really easy either. Just do your best and keep healed, which should take care of it. Make sure to heal fully after the battle, consumables or not.

Wingapede boss fight.

After you beat it, walk over the crack until it breaks. You’ll land on the Pentapus. Go south and go behind the cage and get the Recover All out of the chest. Make sure to allocate it to someone. You’ll need it. Talk to the fairy in the cage, Razzly. When you do talk to her, the Pentapus will wake up. Uh oh.

Pentapus boss fight.

Another hard, non-boss battle. Make sure to stay healed, and attack your hardest.

After the battle, free Razzly, and then you’ll explain what has been happening, and then she’ll join your party. Go to the northeast and get out of the hole.

Razzly joins the party in Chrono Cross.

Go to the edge and jump off to the north. Go northeast and grab the Aero Saucer, then go west and north to the next area. Fight the Quadffids if they’re in the way, and go northeast to the next area. There’s a Record of Fate here. I recommend you use it. Go south and follow the path to an #Antidote, and then go southeast to the next area. Head south and then go east at the second path, and go into the hole to find an #Ointment.

The last chest will be empty if you chose not to help Kid.

Head back to the Record of Fate and go northeast. You’ll run into Dwarf Chieftain, and he, with the other dwarves, will attack you.

Daffy Dwarf boss fight.

Boss: Dwarf, Daffy Dwarf, and Daggy Dwarf

Spoils: Summon Star #9, 650G, Uplift(s) or #Tablet(s)

Kill one of the Daffy Dwarves so they don’t use Hiho War Chorus on you. They’ll still use Hiho Chorus with just three of them. It’s not as strong, but it still does a bit of damage.

If you fought a bunch of Quadffids, you should have some Bushbashers. They’re useful against the Dwarves so use them if you have them. Magma Bombs are also extremely helpful. Just keep attacking and healing, and you’ll be fine.

They will run off to where the Hydra is. First, go northeast just a little until you are in a little section of green water. Press against the southern wall and force your way around until you are in a tiny, closed off section with a #Medicine to the north. Go back and save if you need to, and then proceed to where the Hydra is. Do not put Razzly in your party for the battle with the Hydra. You’ll know why later.

Hydra boss fight.

Boss: Hydra

Spoils: Summon Star #10, 740G, Upheaval

Give it all you got. Watch out for Putrid Odor, as it will take over 50 damage, so remember to heal, revive, attack, and just stay alive. Bushbasher and other green elements work nicely, as do your stronger elements such as IceBlast.

After that, the Dwarf will say something to you about how all humans do is destroy. He’ll leave, and you’ll get the Hydra Humour when you examine the dead Hydra.

Hydra Humour location in Chrono Cross.

On the way out, you’ll notice that all of the dwarves have left the forest.

That’s all we need from this forest, and we never need to come back. Leave the Hydra Marshes. Head back to Opassa Beach, switch worlds, and then go get your boat. Get back to Guldove.

For those of you in New Game+, you can obtain Ending #6 by defeating the final boss now. You can do this up until the end of your trip to Fort Dragonia. You must have Nikki and Razzly in your party.
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