Return to Guldove to help Kid.

Chrono Cross: Back to Guldove | Helping a Friend

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Back to Guldove | Helping a Friend
Our Party: Serge (White), Leena (Blue), Poshul (Yellow)
Recruitable Characters: Kid (Red)

After choosing someone to take Korcha’s place, head over to the doctor’s. Give the Hydra Humour to Doc, then watch the events unfold. The next morning, Kid will want to know if Serge will continue on, and then he’ll see some flashbacks and forwards. Kid wants to know if you’re going to just go home.

  1. Go back home
  2. I won’t go back yet

Choose 2, and you’ll decide to go after Viper and Lynx to figure out what’s going on. Korcha will charge you 300G for his ferry rides. Kid will rejoin the party, and then she’ll notice that her elements are missing. When you leave the room, Mel will be standing there and she’ll tell you that she took them and that you have to catch her.

Mel stole Kids Elements.

Kid doesn’t think that she should waste the time trying to get them back, but…

  1. You need those Elements
  2. …It’s nothing

Choose option 1. Kid will be persistent about letting Korcha get them later…

  1. …Alright, let’s go
  2. No, let’s go after Mel

Choose option 2 to start chasing Mel. First, check the Dragon Shrine and talk to the guy in front of it, then head over to the residential tower. You’ll eventually catch her. She’ll be crying, and then you’ll get your elements. Korcha will temporarily leave the party, and you’ll still be at the residential tower. For now, you can’t recruit Mel, but we’ll be back.

Back at the docks, talk to Korcha and you can go back to Termina.

Hydra Marshes | Helping a Friend
Back to Termina | Helping a Friend