Chrono Cross: Temporal Vortex

Where Lost Souls Wander

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Temporal Vortex
Our Party: Lynx (Black)
Records/Fate: Outside of Sprigg’s House
Elements: Revive
Equipment: Pendragon Sigil C
Materials: @Mythril, @Mythril
Recruits: Sprigg (Green), Harle (Black)
Enemies: Total Chaos (Black)

Start by following the path south and going up the tree. Go northeast up the branch and go north into the hole. When you come out of the other side, go up the path behind the tree, then follow the path around and knock off the rock. Go back down and push the rock until it falls and knocks the other one out of the way. Go down there and get the Revive.

Revive Element in Temporal Vortex.

Now, go back up the right branch and knock a piece of fruit off of the tree to the southeast, and when the creature comes out, quickly run into its house. Sprigg will chat with you, letting you stay for the night. The next morning when you try to leave, she’ll wake up and join your party.

Recruiting Sprigg in Chrono Cross.
Sprigg is another ‘different’ character. She has only one tech, Doppelgang, which is level 5. But, for every enemy she kills with her physical attacks, she can turn into that enemy, and she’ll have that enemy’s characteristics and abilities. Cool, huh? See her Doppelgangs list at the bottom of the FAQ.

You can go down the ladder to save, and then you need to leave the house. Go back up to the house at the top of the painting, and Sprigg will let you in.

Here, you’ll see Harle, then ‘Serge’ will appear, and he’ll go into a door. Go into the corresponding door, whether you’re at the top or the bottom. If he goes left at the top, you go left at the bottom. Soon, you’ll find yourself on a tower of sorts, and Harle will join your party.

Recruiting Harle in Chrono Cross.

The directions here are going to be repetitive and may be hard to understand.

Throw the switch down here. Go northwest, southwest, and then southeast until you reach a @Mythril. Go southwest and then southeast to a Lesser Pendragon Sigil.

The Lesser Pendragon Sigil in Temporal Vortex.

Go back up and throw the switch again. Go northwest, then southwest, then southeast, then southwest, then west up against the wall, then follow the wall southwest and southeast to another @Mythril.

Go back around and then go southwest and down the stairs, and then northeast. Go southeast and then southwest and jump into the hole.

You’ll warp into the Hydra Marshes in Home World. Harle will mention the place where Angels Lose Their Way.

Vortex location in Hydra Marshes.

We need to go to Opassa Beach. (Don’t forget where the Temporal Vortex is here in Hydra Marshes, we’ll come back to it later.)

Fort Dragonia
The Lost Portal