Fort Dragonia in Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: Fort Dragonia

Ancient Dragons' Dreams in Ruins

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Fort Dragonia
Our Party: Serge (White), Kid (Red), Glenn (Green) / Serge (White), Kid (Red), Leena (Blue)
Records/Fate: The elevator room
Elements: Volcano, Magma Burst, Fire Pillar, Electro Bolt, Heal All, Bushbasher, Tornado, Aero Blaster, #Antidote, #Capsule, Meteor Shower
Equipment: Flame Charm, Earth Charm, Sea Charm, Angel Charm, Daemon Charm
Enemies: Cybot (Yellow), Googhoul (Yellow), Alphabat (Red), Paper Boy (Yellow), Combat (Black), Acacia Private (Red), Acacia Sergeant (Yellow)
Bosses: Dragoon (Red), Taurusoid (Green), Giant Gloop (Blue), Son Of A Gun (White), Bunyip (Red/Black), General Viper (Yellow), Lynx (Black)

If you didn’t go on the Ice Breath quest, you’ll find a boss in the first area.

Boss: Dragoon

Spoils: Summon Star #15, 390G, Frog Prince

Just use your best attacks and stay healed. After you beat him, you’ll receive your 15th star, as well as the Frog Prince summon you should’ve got from the Water Dragon.

If you did go on the Ice Breath quest, ignore the above.

You can read the plate here, and then go north to the next area. Go northeast to the next area, and use the Record of Fate here if you want. There are four places to go from here. First, go to the one that is to the east.

For this section here, do not apply our normal directions.

Go east two screens and you’ll run into a statue. See which way it is facing, which is north.

The Statue facing north in Fort Dragonia.

Here’s a diagram to show where to go.

Chrono Cross directions in Fort Dragonia.

The letter (Left/Up/Right/Down) shows the direction that the watchkeeper is looking.

The left section has a red pyramid that heals you.

The top section has two Cybots you can battle.

The right section has the red pillar that you lower to continue.

The bottom section has four chests you can access, they contain a Volcano, a Flame Charm, a Magma Burst, and a Fire Pillar.

Once you are done at that certain section, you’ll slide down the path and you have to climb up the side to get back to the screen before. When you have lowered the pillar, go back to the elevator room with the Record of Fate.

You can follow my directions again.

Now let’s go to the western room.

Go west into the next area, and find your way through the path to get to the room at the end. Note the blue panel outside of the room.

The trick to this here is to be in a certain order for a block to move. Move on to the footprint panels to find out you are in the head, body, tail order. To get the treasures and the yellow pillar, you have to be in these orders. Press SELECT to change the order, and use the blue panel outside to switch two characters’ order. You have to examine the footprint panels to make the block move.

  • Head, Body, Tail – Lets you push a blue button that lowers some stairs.
  • Body, Tail, Head – You can get to the Earth Charm.
  • Tail, Head, Body – You can get to the Electro Bolt.
  • Head, Tail, Body – Nothing.
  • Tail, Body, Head – Lets you press a switch that lowers the yellow pillar.
  • Body, Head, Tail – Blocks you from going anywhere else.

You must lower the stairs with the Head, Body, Tail combination before you can reach the switch that lowers the yellow pillar.

Lower the Yellow Pillar in Fort Dragonia.

After you lower that pillar, head back to the elevator room. Save and then go to the northeastern path.

Okay, this one’s a little confusing. First, go to the maze area, then head north and keep going north to the next area. Follow the path and go down the stairs. Go under the archway and then go under the next archway to the southwest. Go up the stairs to two chests, one containing a Heal All, and the other containing a Bushbasher.

Heal All Element in Fort Dragonia.

Go back down the stairs and under the archway, then head north and follow the path to the next area, where there’s an #Antidote at a dead end. Go back to the first area and go up the stairs to the west. Follow the path to the next area. Follow the path around to a branch. Head south and follow the spiral to the chest in the middle containing a Tornado.

Go back to the branch and head north and follow the path to the next area. Go south and down the stairs and you’ll find an Aero Blaster. Go back and up the next set of stairs. Follow the path to a blue switch, which will lower a set of stairs. Head north to the next area.

Follow the path into a room, where a boss is guarding the green pillar.

Taurusoid in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Taurusoid

Spoils: Summon Star #16, 1200G, Carapace or Iron Vest

Jeez, he’s tough. Stay healed and attack as hard as you can. His attacks deal around 100 HP each hit, so be careful. A lot of his moves are wrestling moves, such as Chokeslam and BackDrop. Just use your best elements, and any ElectroBolts or such.

After he’s finished, lower the green pillar and head back to the elevator room. Save here. We recommend equipping an Iceberg on one of the characters that have a level 6 spot on their element grid. The characters that have a level 6 spot at level 16 who you don’t get through the decision points are Luccia, Mojo, and Greco, then take the northwestern path.

Go forward to the next area. Here, follow the path to two treasure chests that change the direction of the bridge. Open the lower right chest and follow the bridge to the other side. Make sure both of these chests are closed, and then head west to the next two chests. Close the left one and open the right one. Follow the path into the room. There will either be a Dragoon or a chest. Open the chest to find a Sea Charm. Go back to the previous two chests, and close them both. Go east and open the left one. Follow the path and go into the room. There will either be a Dragoon or a chest. Open the chest to find a Sea Charm. Now, go back to the chests, close the left one and open the right one. Go west and open the right chest. Follow it to the blue switch and press it to lower some stairs. Enter the room here.

When you approach the pillar, a Giant Gloop will appear.

Giant Gloop in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Giant Gloop

Spoils: Summon Star #17, 800G, Aqual Ball or Ice Blast

At the beginning of the battle, cast Iceberg, and then attack. Make sure to stay healed, and you can steal an Antiviral Cap from it. Be careful, as it can put your characters in the Frozen status. If that happens, it might be a good idea to run away. Just attack with your best attacks and it should go down easily. If it casts Iceberg, it will become yours. If it doesn’t cast Iceberg, you might want to reload and try again. There’s a really slim chance he will cast it, but it has happened a couple of times to us.

Note: Justin from GameFAQs sent us a strategy on trapping the IceBerg here

All you have to do is get him to his weakened condition and attack him with low-level red elements like Fireball and Magma Bomb. I got 5 Icebergs by casting fireball then curing him and repeat. I only bring this up because it is a very powerful element that early in the game.

Heal any of the flu status effects you may have suffered, then lower the blue pillar. When that happens, the elevator will rise in the elevator room. Head back there and use the Record of Fate. Open the elevator and go in. We recommend equipping a Holy Light.

Go up to the pillar and you’ll run into a boss.

Son of a Gun in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Son Of A Gun

Spoils: Summon Star #18, 840G, @Iron

Set the Holy Light trap and then attack. He’ll change moods throughout the battle, some more damaging than others. Keep your HP up, and wait for the Holy Light, because there’s a GOOD chance of him casting it, compared to the Giant Gloop. You might be able to catch more than one, but that could prove to be dangerous.

Turn off the white pillar, and then go back and save. Go back in the elevator and go up. We recommend equipping an Inferno, a FreeFall, and having Kid with you.

This place may look familiar, but the items are here, unlike in the beginning. Go southeast to the next area. Follow the path to a branch, and then go southeast and get the #Capsule. Go back to the fork and go northwest and follow the path here to the next area. Go up the stairs and to the next area. Take a step or two forward, then go south.

Down here, go west and get the Meteor Shower, and then go east to the next area, where there’s an Angel Charm at the dead end.

Meteor Shower in Fort Dragonia.

Head back a couple of screens and go northeast until you can see a chest to the northeast, which contains a Daemon Charm. Go back down and northwest to the next area.

Here’s the black pillar, but the Bunyip is guarding it.

Bunyip in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Bunyip

Spoils: Summon Star #19, 1300G, Gravitonne or Hell Bound

Set the Inferno trap, then have Kid Pilfer a Free Fall element. If you don’t trap the Inferno before he changes forms, run away and try again. After some damage, he’ll change into his Black innate form. Cast Free Fall, and just keep fighting, and near the end, he should use it, giving you two Free Fall elements. Keep your HP up, and attack as hard as you can.

Note: This battle should unlock everyone else’s level 5 tech since you’re now at 19 stars.

Lower the black pillar, and that should activate the transporter panel. If you want, you may want to go back and save, if not, even go back to Termina, Guldove, or Marbule to stock up. When you’re ready, go back a screen from the pillar, and then go up the stairs that lead to the panel. Transport to the top of the Fort.

Go and enter the big door, and you’ll see the flash-forwards again. Enter, and you’ll face General Viper.

Fighting General Viper at Fort Dragonia.

Boss: General Viper

Spoils: Summon Star #20, Dragoon Gauntlet or Mythril Mail

Just attack as hard as you can. You can steal a Stamina Ring. Keep your HP up, and just attack. That’s pretty much all of the advice we can give since there’s no trick to beating him.

After that battle, you’ll take on Lynx.

Fighting Lynx in Fort Dragonia in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Lynx

Spoils: Summon Star #21, 666G, Pendragon Sigil B or Sky Djinn Ring

Attack, attack, and attack some more with your best attacks and white elements, such as Holy Light and Luminaire. Expect to heal Serge a lot, and if you want, you might want to use Turn Black on Serge to reduce the damage. You can steal a Pendragon Sigil B from him if you want.

Note: One thing we’ve noticed about Lynx, he can use elements on Serge’s element grid. It’s kind of weird, and it can be kinda dangerous considering we had two Free Fall elements allocated. Why can’t we use his elements?

After the battle, several events will take place. Watch them all, then you’ll see a movie of Kid, followed by being in a painting… we think.

You are now Lynx, and all of your previous party members are not usable in this form. All of their accessories and elements have been removed
for you to use, though.
On to Water Dragon Isle
Temporal Vortex