Chrono Cross Kid and Serge.

Chrono Cross: Termina | Leaving a Friend Behind

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Termina | Leaving a Friend Behind
Our Party: Serge (White), Leena (Blue), Nikki (Blue)/Guile (Black)/Pierre (Blue)
Equipment: Brass Rod (if Guile is in your party)
Recruitable Characters: Greco (Red), Glenn (Green), Macha (Red)

As you arrive in Termina, a guy will yell at you for docking your boat here, and Macha will tell him off. There are a couple of things to do here in Termina. If Guile’s in your party, go to the fortune teller and she’ll give you a Copper Rod.

Go to where the shrines are where you saw Glenn and Riddel, and you’ll see a priest named Greco sending off a boat. After that event, follow him into the house. If you talk to him, he decides that he’d like to help you find your way. Accept to let him join your party.

Greco joins the party in Chrono Cross.

Unless you want to upgrade your equipment or buy some elements, go to the exit of town. You’ll see Glenn talking to the flower woman, then he’ll leave, so go back to the boat at the docks.

Talk to Macha, and she’ll want to know what you’re going to do.

  • Straighten things out
  • Live quietly

We always pick 1. She’ll let you borrow the boat, then Glenn, who’ll also ask to join. You better let him join. He’s the only reason we don’t help Kid.

He’ll tell you that you need to stop at a small island where a former dragoon named Radius lives to ask for his advice. After that, Macha will ask you if you’d like her to join the party. Accept, and then Macha will join your party. If you don’t put her in your immediate party, she’ll swim back to Guldove.

Now we’re done here, so get in your boat, but park it where it says Termina.

Guldove | Leaving a Friend Behind
Hermit's Hideaway