Hermit's Hideaway in Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: Hermit’s Hideaway

Meeting With the 'Other' Swordsman

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Okay. Now that you have a boat, there’s so much to do. First off, if you followed Guile’s Path, you need to go through the Shadow Forest and get all of the stuff there. If you followed Nikki’s Path, you need to go to the Viper Manor Bluffs. If you followed Pierre’s Path, you need to do both. After you’re done with those, go to the Hydra Marshes here in Another World.

Hydra Marshes (Another)

Hydra Marshes (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Leena (Blue)
Records/Fate: 3rd screen to the left of the entrance, Screen before the Life Sparkle
Elements: #Tablet, Bat Eye
Materials: @Seed, @Carapace, @Copper, @Copper
Key Items: Life Sparkle, Good Backbone
Enemies: Potpurri (Green), Centaurpede (Yellow), Wraith (Black), Snob Goblin (Green), Tzetze Fly (Black), Snib Goblin (Green)

Go far north into the next area. Use the Green Tinkler on the plant to the left, and climb down it. Follow the path and grab the @Seed to the north, and then go west and north to the next area. Go northeast, grab the @Carapace, and then go to the next area.

Use the Record of Fate if you want, and then go southeast and follow the path, grab the @Copper, and then go to the next area. Go south and then go east at the second path. In the hole here, you’ll find a Good Backbone for Skelly.

Good Backbone at Hydra Marsh.

Go south and around to find the #Tablet. From here go south again to find a @Copper that you had seen earlier. Head back to the Record of Fate.

Go northeast into the last puddle of bog before the next area, and press against the southern wall and force your way through a path until you are in a tiny area. Grab the Bat Eye to the north, and find your way back out, then go northeast to the next area. You’ll see a SnobGoblin and a SnibGoblin arguing over a chest, and then they’ll attack when they spot you. After you beat them, take the Life Sparkle.

The Life Sparkle at Hydra Marsh.

Leave the Hydra Marshes.

Go to Viper Manor.

Viper Manor (Another)

Viper Manor (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Greco (Red)
Equipment: Sight Scope, Silver Earring, Daemon Charm
Key Items: Parlor Key
Window Frames: Porre’s Furnace
Recruitable Characters: NeoFio (Green), Luccia (Black)
Enemies: Roborg (Yellow)

Beat up the Roborg and then enter the manor. Go up to the library. Go behind the desk and examine it. You’ll find a way down. As you climb down, you’ll see a very familiar device if you’re a Chrono Trigger veteran, Epoch, the time machine. It seems to be dysfunctional, though. Anyway, talk to the Beach Bum (or the Nu from Chrono Trigger) down here and he’ll give you the Porre’s Furnace window frame.

Porre's Furnace Window Frame in Chrono Cross.

He can change the character’s name that is at the front. Press SELECT to change the order of your party. Leave the library and go to the balcony where Kid fell off.

You’ll see Luccia up here, experimenting with a flower called NeoFio, but it won’t come to life unless it has a Life Sparkle. Walk up to it and give it the Life Sparkle, and NeoFio will come to life and join your party.

Recruiting NeoFio in Chrono Cross.

Luccia will ask you to come to her lab, but before you do, climb the ladder near the pond and get the Sight Scope out of the chest.

In Luccia’s lab, she’ll be freeing the dishwasher from the cage, and he claims that he wasn’t snooping around, and will quickly run off. Look on Luccia’s desk to find a Silver Earring. Talk to Luccia, and she will wonder what you want if Pip isn’t there. Ask her to join you, and she’ll accept since Pip is no longer with her.

Recruiting Luccia in Chrono Cross.

Remember the door that was locked on the first floor? That’s the Parlor. There was a soldier in B2 who was going to hide the Parlor Key. Go downstairs from where you fell into the trap before. Sure enough, the Parlor Key is in the bucket. Go and unlock the Parlor. Open the chest in here to receive the Daemon Charm, which protects against Anti Black. That’s all here in Viper Manor for now, so leave here.

There are many places to go, but let’s stop at Hermit’s Hideaway like Glenn suggested. Save before you enter.

Hermit’s Hideaway (Another)

Hermit's Hideaway (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Leena (Blue) / Serge (White), Kid (Red), Leena (Blue)
Enemies: Harle (Black)

As you enter, you’ll encounter Harle and have to battle her. She’s really easy. Just attack with Serge and use the white elements.

Fighting Harle at Hermit's Hideaway.

After the battle, you may receive the Moonglasses. If you don’t get them, reload the game and try again. They’re very well worth it, though it may take a long time. We usually give up after 5 or 6 tries, but they are very, very nice. We’ve been told to try to steal the Moonglasses from her by attacking a couple of times to raise your accuracy, then using Pilfer. It has worked for us only once, but feel free to try it if you like.

After the battle, she’ll leave and some more dialogue will follow. Go inside Radius’s underground home for some more events, then you’ll regain control the next morning. Leave Hermit’s Hideaway.

Now, we can go almost everywhere. First stop, Isle of the Damned. It’s right beside Hermit’s Hideaway.

Isle of the Damned (Another)

Isle of the Damned (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Leena (Blue) / Serge (White), Kid (Red), Leena (Blue)
Materials: @Eyeball
Key Items: Mixed Bones
Enemies: Airframe (Black), WillO’Wisp (Red)

This island is for much later in the game, so don’t get in a fight with any monsters. Go north, and then all the way east until you hit the wall beside the stairs, then go south and get the @Eyeball out of the hole, and then go north up the three sets of stairs. Go west and get Skelly’s Mixed Bones.

Skelly's Mixed Bones in Chrono Cross.

That’s all we have for now, so leave.

Next stop, Water Dragon Isle. It’s south of Arni.

Water Dragon Isle (Another)

Water Dragon Isle (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Leena (Blue) / Serge (White), Kid (Red), Leena (Blue)
Materials: @Iron, @Iron, @Iron, @Iron
Key Items: Sturdy Ribs
Enemies: Scorpiod (Blue)

As they’ve said, all of the water has dried up here, but there are good items to get here. Go north down the pillar, then west, and then up the ladder to find an @Iron. Back to the pillar, go northeast, up a ladder, up another, and down one to find another @Iron. Go back to the pillar and go north and up the ladder. Go north, but before going up this ladder, talk to the guy to your right. He has Skelly’s Sturdy Ribs.

Skelly's Sturdy Ribs in Chrono Cross.

That should be all of Skelly’s parts, so all of the key items that have to do with him will disappear, and he’ll run off, saying that he’ll help you later. Go to the next area.

There are fairies floating around here. There’s an @Iron to the northwest of the entrance and there’s an @Iron to the east of the entrance. Okay, that’s all for this Water Dragon Isle.

Now, let’s head back to Termina.

Termina (Another)

Termina (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Leena (Blue) / Serge (White), Kid (Red), Leena (Blue)
Recruitable Characters: Skelly (Black)

Go to where Viper’s Statue is, where the guy that always polished it is. Go into the house to the right. Talk to the old lady here, and Skelly will appear! This is his grandma’s house. Leave the house so he can visit, and then come back in. Talk to Skelly again, and, since you helped him out so much, he’ll ask if he can return the favor. Choose to let him join your party!

Recruiting Skelly in Chrono Cross.

While you’re in Termina, I recommend building up your weapons and armor with the @Iron you found at Water Dragon Isle. Leave Termina, and head to Earth Dragon Isle.

Earth Dragon Isle (Another)

Earth Dragon Isle (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Leena (Blue) / Serge (White), Kid (Red), Leena (Blue)
Elements: #Brace, #Capsule, Upheaval
Enemies: Fossicker (Yellow), YellowBelly (Yellow), Bomber (Black)
We got some interesting info from MauveCloud from GameFAQs:

I think that you have underrated the first opportunity to fight in Another’s Earth Dragon Isle. I looked at DBM11085’s ‘Enemy List’, and you can steal Mythril from Fossickers, and they still have a good chance of dropping a Mythril at the end of the battle.

I got about 13 units of Mythril before even going to the pirate ship S.S. Invincible in the fog. Unfortunately, DBM11085’s ‘Shop Guide’ is a bit misleading, since even after visiting the pirate ship, Zappa’s smithy does not allow you to forge Mythril items.

Fossickers are also good for stocking up on ‘Shiny’ materials, because after they use their tech ‘Bombs Away’, they usually stick to physical attacks, making it easy to fill the field effect oval with a single color in preparation for a summon. Once in a while, the Fossicker will use ‘Bright Eyes’ a couple times, but one time that happened while I was trying to collect Shiny Dew (by summoning *Frog Prince), I just ran away and tried again. I also ran away if there was a YellowBelly or a RockRoach (yes, I did see one of the latter with a Fossicker in Earth Dragon Isle, but only once), since they would probably make it a lot harder to fill the field effect oval.

So to sum it all up, Fossickers are great for @Mythril and to get @Shiny Materials. We’ll get to those and the summons later when we get some.

Go north and jump down the big hole. As soon as you land, run to the right so you don’t drop off at the left. Go down the ladder on the left and go south to find a #Brace.

A Brace in Earth Dragon Isle.

Go back up that ladder and go down the one to the right. Don’t go into the sand boil yet. The enemies here are strong too so watch out. Go down the ladders and south to the next area.

Go west and around to find a #Capsule. Go down the ladder and follow the path until you reach an Upheaval. That’s all here. Go back to the sand boil and jump in so you can leave. This may cause a sprain.

Back out on the World Map, you can go to Marbule, but the only thing there is a shop that sells kind of expensive attribute effect elements. There’s nothing at Sky Dragon Island, and you can’t access Gaea’s Navel or Sea of Eden. There’s also a Forbidden Island. For now, there’s only a demi-human living in the house. It’s a little smoking island north of Mt. Pyre, almost directly off of the coast. There’s nothing at the El Nido Triangle. The only place to go now is Mt. Pyre.

On your way there, you’ll run into some thick fog, and you cannot see…

  1. Pull back for now.
  2. Head into fog.

Choose option 2 to make your way in.

From Pirate Ship to Ghost Ship