Termina, Shadow Forest, and Viper Manor in the World Map.

Chrono Cross: Termina

Knight or Day?

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Fossil Valley (Home)

Fossil Valley (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Radius (Green), Harle (Black)
Materials: @Mythril, @Mythril
Window Frames: Infrared Vision
Enemies: Mama Dingo (Red), Bubba Dingo (Red), Drongo (Green), Dodo (White)

When you go to move, the Porre Soldiers run off because you look freaky. Maybe there are some pros of being Lynx after all! Follow the path and go up the rope ladder to the north.

Go north and behind the big skull here to find the Infrared Vision window frame window frame.

Infrared Vision window frame location in Chrono Cross.

Go to where the Bellflower was to find a @Mythril. If you want to fight the Dodo again, be my guest. While you’re down there, grab the @Mythril.

That’s all for Fossil Valley, so go back to the first area and follow the path west to exit.

Before going to Termina, let’s stop at Shadow Forest first.

Shadow Forest (Home)

Shadow Forest (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Radius (Green), Harle (Black)
Materials: @Mythril
Elements: #Capsule, Carnivore
Equipment: Forest Charm
Key Items: Mushroom
Recruitable Characters: Funguy (Yellow)
Enemies: Bulb (Green), Dodo (White), Cuscus (Green), Cassowary (Yellow), Gerridae (Blue), Gloop (Blue), Wraith (Black)
This is awesome! Here’s what you do: get in a battle with a Cuscus, and set a trap element, such as Holy Light, then cast Holy Light with another party member, and hope it doesn’t kill them. It’s best to use the person with the lowest magic rating, and make sure you put the element in the lowest possible level of the grid. Wait a turn or two, and they’ll cast it back at you, and you keep the element. Sweet! Too bad you can’t do that with Revive. Do it with your Free Fall, Holy Light, Iceberg, and Inferno until you run out of trap elements, if you have these elements, that is. Spend as much time and money as you want for it.

Go west to the next area. Go north, get rid of the Cuscus, and grab the #Capsule. Follow the path northwest to a @Mythril. Go southeast and follow the path to the next area. At the branch, go south and then go to the place under the waterfall. Talk to the guy here, and he’ll let you have the treasure behind him if you give him a mushroom.

A guy in Shadow Forest asks for a Mushroom.

Leave here, and head west to the next area. Go northeast and grab the Carnivore, then go into the tree. Head north into the next area. Go north and onto the land.

One of two things will happen here:

The kid says that his pa went in the hole and the rock fell over it. Get off of the land and go southeast. Scare the Gerridae into the hole and the kid’s dad will pop out. You’ll receive the Mushroom.

Mushroom location in Shadow Forest.

The kid is being attacked by a Wraith. Defeat it and you’ll receive the Mushroom.

Go back to the waterfall. Talk to him and he’ll eat the Mushroom if you accept his treasure. After he eats it, he’ll go poof and become Funguy, who’ll join your party to find a way to change himself back to normal.

Recruiting Funguy in Chrono Cross.

Open his chest to find a Forest Charm. That’s all that’s here in Shadow Forest, so leave.

Termina (Home)

Termina (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Fungyu (Yellow), Harle (Black)
Records/Fate: Inn
Key Items: Smith Spirit
Recruits: Zappe (Red), Van (Green)

Go over and talk to Zappa. After talking to him a second time, he’ll join you so you can help him find some @Rainbow. He’ll give you the Smith Spirit, which lets you access the Smithy anywhere in the world or at a Record of Fate.

Recruiting Zappa in Chrono Cross.

In the back room is a guy who’ll trade elements for materials. He has @Iron and @Mythril here! If you have a lot of extra money, get a bunch of @Mythril materials so you can make @Mythril equipment for your characters.

North of the Smithy is Van’s smaller house. Go to the eastern room, and you’ll see Van. Talk to Van and he’ll give you a tour for a small fee, so choose to hire him. Watch the events here, and eventually, Van will join your party!

Recruiting Van in Chrono Cross.

If you have an extra 300G, go into Van’s room and put it in his piggy bank. It will strengthen his tech which you will get later in the game. Leave Van’s house and go towards the docks.

If you talk to the guy guarding the docks, he’ll say that not even you can pass without Norris’s permission. He is at the ruins of Viper Manor, so that’s our next destination.

Viper Manor (Home)

Viper Manor (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Fungyu (Yellow), Zappa (Red)
Equipment: Mythril Helmet
Recruits: Norris (Yell0w)

Go forward to the next screen. Go all the way south and talk to the Porre Soldier. He says that Norris is down the well, so go down there. Go south through the hole and go up to where the Porre Soldier is, and then go northwest into the waterway.

Go north into the next area. Follow the path and then go south, west, and up the stairs. Go north, east, and north. Go west and north and then east to find the Mythril Helmet. You can go southwest and push the barrel into the water, but you can’t do anything with it for now.

Go back to the branch at the entrance and go north, east, north, and west to the stairs, and then go up the ladder. Follow the path to find the door to the next area, where you will find Norris. Hear what he has to say, then allow him to join your party.

Recruiting Van in Chrono Cross.

There’s a boat in Termina you can use, and you will be automatically taken there. Go all the way to the left to get to the boat. You’re supposed to go to Marbule, but there are many other places to go to first.

The Lost Portal
Marbule & the S.S. Zelbess