Holding the four Crystals to the Black Crystal.

Final Fantasy I: Unraveling Chaos

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    Get the Excalibur

    After leaving the Flying Fortress and getting more supplies and resting up, hop in your Airship and fly to Mount Duergar. We’re going to pay our old friend, Smyth the blacksmith, a visit.

    Enter Mount Duergar and hand over the Adamantite that you got from the Flying Fortress. Smyth will craft the Excalibur, the second-strongest weapon in the game.

    Get the Excalibur in Final Fantasy 1.

    Leave Mount Duergar and get back in your Airship. Fly back to where it all started: the Chaos Shrine.

    Go to the Chaos Shrine

    Fly to the Chaos Shrine near Cornelia and enter. Go to the room directly north of the entrance and interact with the Black Crystal.

    The Black Crystal.

    The flow of time will surge and space will begin to warp, sending you 2,000 years in the past… to the root of it all.

    Chaos Shrine 1F, 2F, and 3F

    This floor is simple. Leave the room and go to the southeastern corner of the area. Take these stairs up to the next floor.

    You’re now on the second floor. Go right and you’ll see another set of stairs. Take them up.

    On this floor, go south as far as you can, and then go right. About halfway, you’ll see a room with a door a bit to the north. Enter the room. Your passage is being blocked by a Death Eye. Take it out and grab the chests containing a Dry Ether and an Elixir.

    Interact with the stone slab in the middle of the room. Remember the Lute you got from the Princess at the very beginning of the game? You finally get to use it. When you interact with the slab, you’ll play the Lute and it will disappear.

    Play the Lute to remove the Stone Tile.

    Climb down the ladder. You’re back on the second floor. Go to the northeastern corner of the room and take the stairs down.

    On the first floor, go to the northwestern corner. There’s another set of stairs leading down. Take them down.

    Lich, Fiend of Earth

    You’re on B1 of the Chaos Shrine. Head to the bottom-right corner of this floor and you’ll see an orb blocking the stairs down. Interact with the orb to face a familiar foe: Lich, Fiend of Earth.

    Lich in the Chaos Temple.

    Lich isn’t difficult. Attack and, if you can, save your magic unless you have plenty of Ethers.

    Once you take out Lich, head down.

    Marilith, Fiend of Fire

    Go north through the room, go to the east side, and then exit the room from the south. You can make your way to the stairs now, but go to the rooms to the south first to grab the chests containing a Protect CloakProtect Ring, Elixir, and Sasuke’s Blade.

    Interact with the orb now, and you’ll face Marilith, Fiend of Fire.

    Marilith in the Chaos Shrine.

    Marilith is also relatively easy. Watch out for her fire spells and use Nulfire to protect yourself. Otherwise, just use physical attacks to take her out, using magic conservatively.

    Once defeated, take the stairs down.

    Kraken, Fiend of Water

    This next floor doesn’t have any treasure to offer. Make your way to the southeastern corner of the area and you’ll find the orb blocking the stairway. Interact with it to take on Kraken, Fiend of Water.

    Kraken in the Chaos Shrine.

    Kraken is a breeze. Use NulBolt to protect your party against its lightning attacks, but employ the same strategy as before. Attack and magic until the beast is slain.

    Head down.

    Tiamat, Fiend of Wind

    You’re on 4F of the Chaos Shrine. The first thing you need to do is go to the southeastern corner of the area. Enter the room to get the Masamune, the strongest weapon in the game.

    Masamune, the strongest weapone in Final Fantasy 1.

    Make your way to the northeastern corner to find the orb blocking the stairs. Interact with it to fight Tiamat, Fiend of Wind.

    Tiamat in the Chaos Shrine.

    Tiamat is, again, the toughest of the four fiends. Protect yourself from its lightning spells by using NulBolt. Attack with your melee characters and cast powerful magic when possible.

    Take the stairs down after you’ve beaten Tiamat.


    This is it. This is the final test. You’ve made it to the final battle. It all depends on you.

    Fully heal your characters using Potions and Ethers. Equip your best equipment, and then head into the room in the middle of the floor.

    You’re now face to face with Chaos. Chaos was previously a renowned knight of Cornelia. If he seems familiar, that’s because he is.

    Chaos is Garland.

    After the transformation, it’s time to battle.

    Chaos, the final boss of Final Fantasy 1.

    Chaos is very difficult. He’s a heavy hitter and uses some strong magic. He also cures himself occasionally.

    Use Protera to give your party a defensive boost, and Invisira for an evasive boost. Use NulAll to half the damage of elemental attacks.

    Keep your party healed, and cast Holy and Flare every chance you get. Use Ethers and Elixirs liberally.

    Keep grinding away and he’ll eventually fall.

    You’ve restored order to the world. Enjoy the ending scene.


    Mirage Tower and the Flying Fortress