No. 5 Reactor bombing mission walkthrough.

Final Fantasy VII: Sector 5 Reactor Bombing Mission

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No. 5 Reactor
Items: Potion, Tent
Bosses: Air Buster

You’ve managed to escape the security lockdowns and survive jumping off a high-speed train, but the mission is just getting started.

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    No. 5 Reactor Video Walkthrough

    Lower Sector 4 Plate

    Pick up the Ether in front of you and then take the ladder down to the Lower Sector 4 Plate. You can go two different directions here that ultimately lead to the same area. Take the first ladder you see.

    Take the first ladder in No. 5 Reactor.

    Crawl through the duct and you’ll find Jessie in the next area. She explains that she made a special ID for Cloud, which is what set off the alarm.

    Pick up the Potion to the left and then take the ladder to the left of the screen. Biggs is in the next area near the ladder. Grab the Tent and then save your game.

    A tent and save point.

    Climb the ladder to the next area.

    No. 5 Reactor

    You’re now in the No. 5 Reactor. There’s a slide immediately to your right that will save you a lot of time and a few battle encounters if you take it down. Take the door in the bottom-left of the screen.

    Hop over the gap and take the ladders down to the next area. Then, run across the pipe and take the ladder down. Save your game.

    Enter the next area and Cloud will have a flashback.

    Cloud and Tifa flashback.

    After the flashback, set the bomb and head back the way you came. There’s no timer this time, so take your time heading back and be sure to save your game again.

    Once you make it back to the area with the slide, you’ll need to take the stairs up instead. Enter the elevator and interact with the button to take it up.

    Grab the Ether from the chest and then enter the room to the left. This next part can be a bit tricky. Barret, Tifa, and Cloud have to press the buttons at the same time to open the door. There’s no limit here, so learn the rhythm and you’ll eventually get it.

    Cloud, Barret, and Tifa pushing the buttons at the same time.

    Save your game and enter the next area. Go across the bridge and you’ll be greeted by an unexpected guest: President Shinra.

    After a bit of dialog, President Shinra will make his exit and you’ll be ambushed by Air Buster.

    Air Buster

    Level: 15
    HP: 1200
    Exp: 180
    AP: 16
    Gil: 150
    Drops: Titan Bangle


    Weakness: Lightning, Slow, Stop
    Half: Fire
    Immune: Poison, Gravity


    This battle with Air Buster presents a unique formation opportunity. This pincer formation, with Cloud Cloud on one side of Air Buster and Barret and Tifa on the other, puts you at a major advantage, since you deal x5 damage when you attack him from behind. Time attacks and Limit Breaks accordingly to deal massive damage.

    Air Buster’s attack patterns involve two primary operations: Program 1 and Program 2. In Program 1, it uses its powerful Big Bomber attack, which it can use up to four times.

    In Program 2, Air Buster resorts to a less intimidating Energy Ball attack. Keep abreast of these shifts in operation to maintain an effective strategy.

    Air Buster is weak against lighting attacks, so use Bolt each chance you get, and use physical attacks when Air Buster is facing the opposite direction. Also, use Cure to keep your party’s HP above 140 so you don’t get wiped out by the Big Bomber attack.

    Once you defeat Air Buster, it will explode, destroying the bridge. Barret and Tifa seem to be fine, but Cloud is barely hanging on.

    Dating Scene Choices: Barret asks Cloud if he’s going to be ok.

    • (Be Strong) (+2 points to Barret)
    • (I don’t know if I can hold on) (-3 points to Barret, +1 point to Tifa)
    Cloud barely hanging on before falling off the Bridge.

    The explosion will knock Cloud off the bridge and down to the belly of the Sector 5 Slums.

    Tifa’s Seventh Heaven and Sector 7 Slums