Tifa's Seventh Heaven and Sector 7 Slums walkthrough.

Final Fantasy VII: Tifa’s Seventh Heaven and Sector 7 Slums

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Tifa's Seventh Heaven and Sector 7 Slums
Items: 1,500 Gil, Ether, Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion
Materia: All Materia

You’re now in the heart of the Sector 7 Slums, the home base for AVALANCHE. You’ll have an opportunity to explore the Slums later so go ahead and head to the hideout: 7th Heaven.

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    Tifa’s Seventh Heaven and Sector 7 Slums Video Walkthrough

    Tifa’s Seventh Heaven

    Enter the bar and Marlene will get shy and run to the back. Tifa, an old friend of Cloud’s and a key member of AVALANCHE, will then approach Cloud and ask if he fought with Barret. You can answer any way you like. You’ll then have the opportunity to name Tifa, and it’s highly recommended that you don’t change her name.

    Dating Scene Choices: Tifa notices the flower that Cloud purchased from Aerith, the flower girl. Here’s how your choice affects the dating scene later in the game:

    • Give it to Tifa (+5 points to Tifa)
    • Give it to Marlene (+5 points to Barret)
    Give the flower to Marlene.

    Walk towards the exit and Barret will enter. After a brief dialog, the team will go down to the basement. Before you follow them, speak to Tifa behind the bar.

    Dating Scene Choices: Tifa will ask if you want something to drink.

    • I don’t feel like it (+5 points to Tifa)
    • Give me something hard (No impact)

    Interact with the pinball machine, which doubles as an elevator, to go down to the basement where the team is waiting. Cloud and Barret get into an argument. Afterward, take the pinball machine back up to the first floor.

    Cloud and Barret arguing.

    Tifa follows Cloud to the first floor, asking him to join AVALANCHE.

    Dating Scene Choices: Tifa asks Cloud if he’s just going to walk out and ignore his childhood friend.

    • How can you say that! (+5 points to Tifa)
    • …Sorry (No impact)

    You’ll have a flashback, and then after the flashback, Barret climbs up to the first floor and gives Cloud his payment of 1,500 Gil. Cloud then agrees to join the next mission.

    Cloud agrees to join AVALANCHE.

    You’ll sleep in the basement for the night. Take the pinball machine back up to the first floor and speak to Tifa.

    Dating Scene Choices: Tifa asks Cloud how he slept.

    • Barret’s snoring kept me up…. (+5 points to Barret)
    • Next to you, who wouldn’t? (+5 points to Tifa)

    Speak to Barret to learn the next target is the Sector 5 Reactor. He mentions he’ll fill you in on the train. Finally, you can choose to go through a Materia tutorial with Barret if you like. If this is your first time playing Final Fantasy VII, it’s a good idea to get an overview of how Materia works.

    Tifa and Barret join the party. Before heading out to the train station, take this opportunity to explore the Sector 7 Slums.

    Sector 7 Slums

    Start by visiting the Item Shop if you want to stock up on some items. You can also buy some Materia here, so grab those you don’t have. Next, head to the Weapon Shop. If you have enough Gil, buy three Iron Bangles and equip them.

    The weapon shop in the Sector 7 Slums.

    Head upstairs to the second floor and grab the All Materia in front of the man in the bottom-right corner of the screen. After grabbing the Materia, a chest containing an Ether appears. You can also interact with the people in this room to glean some basic mechanics of how the game works.

    Take some time to speak with the locals in the Slums, too. They offer some interesting background details about life in the Slums and Shinra’s influence. Once you’ve finished exploring, make your way towards the train station.

    The Train

    Board the train and then speak to Tifa who’s looking at the Railway Map. After speaking to her, the alarms will sound. Each car locks down after a certain number of seconds so you have to be quick to make it to the next car before you get locked in.

    If you fail and get locked in, you’ll have a much longer walk down the tunnel.

    You can get a Phoenix Down from the man in the back of the first car. Run back to speak to him and get the item, then quickly head to the next car.

    Get the Phoenix Down from the homeless guy on the train.

    In the foreground of this car, there’s a man to the left that you can speak to to get a Hi-Potion. Speak to him and answer Yeah… to get the item, and then head into the next car.

    Get a Hi-Potion from a man on the train.

    This next car has a pickpocket. As he walks by you, you’ll hear a sound and he’ll take off running to the back of the train. Run back and speak to him. Answer That’s right to get back the item he stole from you. Exit the car.

    The pickpocket on the train.

    Now that you’ve made it to the final car, you’re going to have to jump off the train. Once your team jumps off the train, you’ll be in the tunnel.

    Dating Scene Choices: If you jump off the train without getting caught during the lockdowns, you’ll earn both +5 points to Barret and +5 points to Tifa.

    Head upward in the tunnel and you’ll find yourself blocked off by security beams.

    Train security beams.

    The only way forward now is to climb down the small duct to the left of the beams. Go down to enter the Lower Sector 4 Plate and, ultimately, the Sector 5 Reactor.

    Opening Bombing Mission and Sector 8
    Sector 5 Reactor Bombing Mission