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Final Fantasy VIII: Deling City

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Table Of Contents

    Deling City

    Squall, Zell, and Irvine enter Deling City for the first time.

    When you arrive at Deling City Station, make your way to the exit by heading down and out of the platform and up the following escalator. Keep going until you reach the road. Irvine will then confirm that you need to head to General Caraway’s Mansion. You can reach Caraway’s mansion on foot by heading left out of the Station but before you go there, you are free to explore the city.

    Exploring Deling City

    You can use the bus service to get around the city by speaking to the conductors by the road when a bus draws near. The bus isn’t necessarily faster than traveling by foot and is limited to where it can go. However, each stop is named which can help you get your bearings and prevent you from getting lost. To get to a latter stop, simply wait on the bus until you reach that location.

    The party get on a bus in Deling City from the train Station. The bus with the party on it approaches the Galbadia Hotel in Deling City.

    From the Deling City Station Bus that heads to Caraway’s Mansion, the order of the stops are as follows:

    • Caraway’s Mansion
    • Presidential Residence
    • Shopping Arcade
    • Galbadia Hotel
    • Deling City Station

    Note that there are different bus routes depending on what direction the bus goes and where you get the bus, and not all of them will stop at the same stations. There isn’t much you can currently do in the presidential residence or at the Gateway (the large arching structure).

    If you head to Galbadia Hotel first, you can gradually head to Caraway’s Mansion on foot while also having the opportunity to stop off for all of the optional extras as well. You can either head to the Galbadia Hotel on the Bus, or on foot by heading right from the Deling City Station Bus Stop, and then straight up the road.

    The party at the bus stop. The party crossing the street.

    Galbadia Hotel and Timber Maniacs

    You might recognise this from the first Dream Sequence with Laguna. Here you can find a Save Point and Timber Maniacs Issue 12. In order to obtain the Timber Maniacs Issue, you must first rent a room for 100 Gil. Once in the room, the magazine will appear at the foot of the middle bed. It may take a couple of attempts to line Squall up properly with it in order to obtain it. Heading left after exiting the hotel will take you to the Shopping Arcade.

    The party picks up Timber Maniacs Issue 12 in the Deling City Hotel Room. The party leave the Galbadia Hotel for the Shopping Arcade.

    The Shopping Arcade and the Queen of Cards Quest

    The Shopping Arcade has both a Junk Shop and an Item Shop on the right-hand side of the road. On the left, you can continue the Queen of Cards quest. If you did the previous parts of the quest and spoke to the Queen of Cards in Dollet, she will have mentioned the Kiros Card being created. You can now win the Kiros Card from the individual standing just above the bus conductor here.

    Squall challenges the person carrying the Kiros Card in the shopping arcade in Deling City.

    Once you have completed your business here, head down the street. You will then reach the Presidential Residence. From here, simply head right and you will reach the road outside of the Mansion.

    The party head down the Shopping Arcade road towards the Presidential Residence. The road outside the Mansion.

    Caraway’s Mansion

    Once at the road by the mansion, you can find a Draw Point with Thundara by crossing the bridge to the left of the road and heading up the path.

    The party find a draw point with Thundara in Deling City.

    To proceed with events, speak to the Galbadian Soldier to the right of the road and in front of the mansion. This soldier will bar you from entering the mansion until you retrieve a Student’s ID number from the Tomb of the Unknown King. It’s mentioned that this is situated North-East of Deling City.

    The Galbadian Soldier bars the party from entering until their "skills have been tested".

    The Guard will then give you a prompt with several choices but the expensive hints are unnecessary here if you intend to continue to use this guide. What’s more, the ID number is completely random so there is no amount of cheating that can be done here. Allowing him to escort you out of town will transport your party outside a Rent-A-Car station, near the exit of the city.

    A dialogue prompt from the Galbadian Guard with the "Have him escort us out of town" option selected. The party outside of the Rent-A-Car station.

    As you’d hope to expect, you can rent a car for 3500 Gil to use on the World Map by speaking to the vendor. This will prevent you from entering into random encounters and significantly shorten the journey to and from the Tomb. However, the enemies you can fight along the way can yield useful items and magic, both for junctioning and against the enemies in the tomb itself. There are also arguably better things you could spend 3500 Gil on.

    If you are making the journey on foot, head left to exit the area. You will then find yourself back on the World Map and will be ready to make your journey to the Tomb of the Unknown King.

    Squall standing at the entrance of Deling city, facing the peninsula that ends with the Tomb of the Unknown King.