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Final Fantasy VIII: Galbadia Garden

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Table Of Contents

    Heading to Galbadia Garden

    Zell inquires about the dream Squall, Quistis, and Selphie had in the forest in Galbadia.

    You are now back with Squall and the gang as he, Quistis, and Selphie wake up from their dream. Proceed through the dialogue as normal. After this you will find yourself on the world map. Remember to heal Quistis and Selphie now, as their health will be directly transferred from Ward and Kiros. This means they will currently be at 1 HP.

    The forest you just left will now become a standard forest on the world map. If you decide to traverse through it again, be prepared to face Wendigos, Ochus, and Grendels. These may prove more difficult than enemies you have encountered previously but you can get valuable crafting/refining items from them.

    Squall targets a Grendel as it casts Thunder. The party receives a dragon fang after defeating a low level Grendel.

    If you are looking to craft Squall’s final weapon on disc 1, you can obtain Dragon Fangs from low level Grendels.

    When you’re ready to proceed, head to Galbadia Garden. It’s the large red building to the left as you come out of the forest.

    Squall on the world map near the Galbadia Garden and Galbadia forest. Galbadia Garden, as seen from the World Map.

    Galbadia Garden

    A scene from the FMV that introduces Galbadia Garden.

    Most of your time in Galbadia Garden will be spent proceeding through to the story but you are free to explore most of the garden at this point. Keep going straight ahead and around the circular path until you reach the security gates. After Quistis has left, head onwards into the hall with the Save Point. Once there, your party will hear an order announced for them to head to the Second Floor Reception Room.

    Draw Points

    There are a few Draw Points dotted around the Garden, however, you can only currently access three: Haste, Life, and Double. The Draw Point with Haste is found in the center of the hall, where the pillar of light falls on the Garden Symbol.

    The party finds the Haste Draw Point in the center of the Hall at Galbadia Garden. The Haste Draw Point at Galbadia Garden is examined.

    The Draw Point with Life is found in the changing rooms. These are found by heading down the path that’s right of the Haste Draw point.

    The party head down the right hand path in the hall. The party head into the ice rink from the corridor.

    This leads to a corridor. Enter the door on the left (the one with the white panel in front of it). Here, you will find an ice rink with a visible Draw Point of its own. However, you cannot access this one yet so leave it for now and follow the path to the right. At the end of the path are the changing rooms with the Draw Point.

    The party inside the ice rink. The party examine the Draw Point with Life in the changing room.

    Once these Draw Points have been used, there is little more to do on this floor for now. Head up the path that is ahead of the Haste Draw point and keep going straight on until you find some stairs on the right-hand side of the corridor. Head up these stairs to the Second Floor.

    The party head upwards from the center of the hall. The party heads up to the second floor.

    These stairs lead to another corridor. The left-hand side goes to a lift that is currently inaccessible, while the door immediately opposite the stairs leads to the Second Floor Reception Area. The right-hand side leads to a balcony that overlooks the hall.

    The party heads right towards the balcony. The party head right on the balcony, past the save point, and towards the auditorium.

    Past the Save Point is the Auditorium with the Draw Point, Double.

    The party examining the Double Draw Point.

    When you are ready to proceed, head back to the door to the Second Floor Reception Area.

    Second Floor Reception Area

    The party heads into the Reception Area on the Second floor.

    Once you enter the reception area, you won’t be able to leave until the following scene has finished. When you are ready to start the dialogue, speak to Zell. The party speaks about an important event concerning Seifer. When the dialogue pauses, speak to Rinoa to continue the scene. Finally, talk to everyone about Seifer. This will mark the end of the scene as Squall abruptly leaves the Reception Area by himself.

    Quistis talking to the rest of the party in the reception area. Squall meeting Fujin and Raijin in the hall.

    Head down back to the hall where you will have a brief dialogue with Fujin and Raijin about Seifer. After this, you will see an announcement ordering all of the Balamb Students to head to the front gate. Talk to Quistis here and head to the entrance. When at the entrance with the rest of the party, speak to Rinoa to proceed. The head of Galbadia Garden, Martine, will then give you a briefing on your mission in Deling City. Martine will then introduce you to a new party member, Irvine Kinneas.

    Martine introduces himself to the party. A scene from Irvine's introduction FMV.

    Before leaving, you will be able to choose who is in your active party on your way to Deling City. Irvine will suggest his own way to split the party but you can override this decision, both immediately after, and using by using the “Switch” option from the Menu on the World Map. The train station is situated slightly west of Galbadia Garden on the World Map.

    Squall heads towards the train station from Galbadia Garden on the world map. The conductor offers a train ticket to Deling City for 3000 Gil.

    Keep in mind that you will need to buy a train ticket from the conductor for 3000 Gil to leave. Once on the train, you must first counterintuitively try and leave for the other characters to enter and to proceed with the story.

    Once the others have entered, and Selphie and Irvine have left for the corridor, the other party members will request Squall checks on them as Irvine seems a bit dubious in nature. After checking up on them, head back to the rest of the group. After Zell’s outburst, the train will finally reach Deling City.

    The train enters Deling City on the World Map.