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Final Fantasy VIII: The Timber TV Station

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Table Of Contents

    Exploring Timber

    Now that you have left the Resistance Carriage, you can explore Timber properly before heading to the TV Station. The Pet Shop you went past before is now open. It’s at the base of the stairs of the Balamb Platform. Here, you can purchase GF-related items including Amnesia Greens, Pet Pals Vol. 3, and Pet Pals Vol. 4.

    The outside of the Pet Shop. The Timber Pet Shop inventory.

    Note: Amnesia Greens allow you to essentially delete your GF’s abilities. As your GFs have limited space for abilities, this can be useful if you wish to make space for a desired ability. Note that certain abilities unique to each GF can’t be replaced, so use Amnesia Greens with caution.

    You can also revisit the Gift Shop in the opposite stall. Here, you can view a rudimentary map of the area. This will be helpful when exploring Timber but can be difficult to parse.

    The Timber map at the Souvenir Shop.

    Keep in mind that G-Soldiers can now appear as Random Encounters but they shouldn’t pose any sort of challenge here. If you’re looking to minimize how much EXP you’re taking, you can retreat from these battles or use Break on the soldiers.

    There are multiple paths you can take from the platform heading forward. Taking the front bridge will eventually lead you to a Junk Shop and the Timber Hotel. Inside here is a Save Point.

    The party head towards the Hotel from the platform. The Junk Shop and Hotel in Timber.

    If you instead go to the right of the platform, you will reach the Timber Maniacs Building.

    The party heading to the Timber maniacs building from the platform. The outside of the Timber Maniacs building.

    Inside here, you can obtain two magazines (Girl Next Door and the second issue of the Timber Maniacs magazine).

    Squall picking up the "Girl Next Door" magazine. The inside of the Timber Maniacs building.

    There’s also an invisible draw point with Blizzaga in the room opposite where you found the Girl Next Door Magazine.

    The invisible blizzaga draw point in the Timber Maniacs building.

    Next door, to the right of the Timber Maniacs building, is a house. Currently, there’s only optional dialogue to be found here but keep it in mind for later.

    Once you’re ready to proceed, keep heading right from the Timber Maniacs building to the next area. You’ll find a set of stairs to the left of the station entrance. Head down these to get to the Pub.

    The party heads towards the other platforms in Timber. The party stands at the staircase that leads to the pub.

    The TV Station

    G-Soldiers attack the party outside the pub.

    Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, you’ll have a fixed encounter with G-Soldiers. This fixed encounter will yield a Buel Card. After this you can use the Shop to the left of the pub to purchase any items you might need. When you’re ready, head into the pub.

    A drifter complaining about the city in the pub. The bartender discussing how to distinguish the drink.

    The backdoor is being blocked by a drifter. However, there are multiple ways to get him to move out the way, each yielding their own different card-based reward:

    • Telling him about the Buel Card will cause him to give you a Tonberry Card.
    • If you’ve lost all of your Buel Cards beforehand, he will give you a Funguar Card.
    • If you successfully find out what drink he is having and buy him more of it (at the cost of 100G a drink), he will give you a Forbidden Card.

    All of these cards are obtainable later on via the Card Command Ability or by playing Triple Triad, so you can elect to just tell him about the Buel Card for the fastest way through.

    If you’ve decided to try and deduce what drink he’s having, you must identify if the drink is sweet or bitter and what color the label is. The man on the right will explain this in more detail while the woman on the left will tell you what kind of drink the drifter likes. You will have to talk to them both as well as the drifter himself in order to get all of the information necessary. The drifter will make a comment on what he’s drinking as well. If he says “This stinks!”, then you can deduce that he dislikes his current drink.


    Regardless of what you chose to do, after he has moved, you’re free to proceed to the alleyway. There’s a draw point with Scan that will appear once you leave and reenter the area. When you’re ready, proceed to the TV station.

    Squall proceeding to the alleyway. Squall drawing 3 scans from a draw point.

    Proceed through the dialogue as normal. The choices here only affect the scene there, but won’t change the outcome of what happens next. When your party changes, be sure to swap junctions where necessary with the Switch option in the menu. At this point, simply proceed through the scenes as normal. For now, there is nothing left to do but to let events unfurl…

    The crew watching the live broadcast on the television.

    Leaving Timber

    Rinoa telling the group that they should avoid Timber for a while.

    Once the Timber Squad has left the TV station, it’s time to go into hiding. Head back the way you came to the pub. Once you get there, a woman will invite you back to her house to hide from the Galbadian forces. Leave the pub and head back to the house next to the Timber Maniacs Building.

    The group entering the house next to the Timber Maniacs building.

    From here, proceed through the dialogue as normal. After that, the Forest Fox leader will tell you it’s safe to leave. Head to the front to leave to further the dialogue. Quistis will then discuss with Squall about where to go next and you’ll select your party. After this, the resistance leader will give the following items before you leave: Potion, Phoenix Down, Soft, Antidote, and Remedy.

    Quistis telling the group how to get to Galbadia Garden.

    When you leave the house, head right again. You’ll meet up with a mysterious man who reveals himself to be Zone in disguise. After he’s given a ticket to each party member, follow the others to the platforms.

    Once there, you’ll see a doorway on the left side of the bridge that leads to an old man’s house. You can talk to the old man and drink from the faucet to restore your party’s HP. You can keep doing this as long as you don’t steal the 500G from the cupboard directly above the fireplace.

    The train platforms. The old man telling Squall about the Owl's Tear.

    Whether you went here or not, proceed across the bridge to the platform on the far side of the area. Now, ensure you’ve finished all of your business in Timber, and then board the train by speaking to Quistis. You’ll leave Timber for Galbadia Garden.