Brinan Plateau in Grandia.

Grandia: Brinan Plateau

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Brinan Plateau
Save Points: North Brinan, South Brinan
Gold: 750G, 250G, 250G, 250G, 250G
Items: Restraint Walnut, Seed of Power, Seed of Life
Equipment: Crampons, Fire Sword, Silence Sword, Explosion Charm
Enemies: Mountain Ape, Snow Bear
The Snow Boars here are the 3rd best enemies in the game to level up your range and ‘all’ magic, and they’re only bettered by their palette swaps later on in the game. Like the slimes earlier in the game, these enemies will multiply, and you’ll be able to fight up to 9 (possibly more?!) of them at a time.

Now would be an excellent time to get Rapp (somewhat) boosted up to where he is closer in magic to Justin and Feena. For example: to boost his Earth level, just have Feena use Speedy on him to get his WIT level up to 7, then have him repeatedly cast either Def-Loss on the large groups until he’s out of MP. Afterward, Recover at the Save Point, then take on another group of Snow Boars and repeat.

We were able to get his Earth levels up to 16 after just 2 battles. Sadly, Snooze doesn’t work against the Snow Boars but they can still be boosted a decent amount against the Mountain Apes… if you can hit more than one or two of them at a time. It’s fairly easy to get his Water to 10 that way after just 2 or 3 battles.

If you don’t want to raise Water levels this way, we have another handy trap coming soon that we can use, much like the poison pools at Mt. Typhoon.

Use the Save Point here if you need to, then climb up the ramp to a fork. Head west to another fork, where you’ll need to go north to find 750G beneath an ambushing Ape. Head back to the fork, then continue west, then south. Keep going to a block of ice in the middle of the path. Press the X button to blow it away, then climb up the southern stairs to 250G.

Return to the fork and head east to come to a large icy area. Head east-southeast to the center to find some Crampons.

Crampons in Brinan Plateau in Grandia.

Head north-northwest from the chest to a path. Follow it to 250G, then walk north just a little to a fork. Head east, and at the next fork, go southeast to find a Restraint Walnut.

Head back to the fork and go west-southwest to return to the icy area. From the chest in the center, run west-southwest to a path and a DungeonScope Icon. Head west and south to a fork, then go southwest to find 250G. Go back and head southeast to another block of ice. Break it, then move southeast to a Seed of Power. Go back to the fork and head west-southwest to the South Brinan Plateau.

Use the Save Point, then travel south-southwest to a Seed of Life.

Seed of Life in Brinan Plateau in Grandia.

Head back and go east-southeast now, following the path until you reach a fork. Head west and south to another fork, then south to another 250G. Take the western path from this last fork, following it to a snowball. Use the Action Icon behind it so it will roll down the hill, getting bigger and bigger and bigger…

Return to the fork before this most recent one, then head east and south, crossing over the bridge that the snowball formed. You’ll eventually come to a dead-end where a Fire Sword lies.

After you pick it up, head back north to the fork beside the Save Point. Take the western path to a fork. Venture west and follow this long path to the end, passing a fork on the way, to find a Silence Sword at the dead-end.

Silence Sword in Brinan Plateau in Grandia.

Go back to the last fork with the block of ice in the way and break it. Head east-southeast, then south-southwest to another snowball. Roll it down the hill, then return to the fork.

Make your way back north to the last fork, then walk south a few steps to another fork. Head west and break the ice near the DungeonScope Icon, then run northwest and west, following the path to the newly formed bridge. Cross it, then continue to the next fork.

Head southwest and get the Explosion Charm out of the chest. Head back to the fork and move east-southeast, following this narrow path to another block of ice Break it, then head south to exit.

Sweet, we finally made it to Laine!