Laine Village in Grandia.

Grandia: Laine Village

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Laine Village
Save Points: Alpine Inn

To the east is the Alpine Inn if you need to rest or use the Stashing Place, and to the west and south is the Shop by the Water, where you can buy some new equipment for everyone.

The next two optional dungeons are going to have some decent rewards in the ways of weapons for both Feena and Rapp, so the only weapon worth buying now would be the Bone Splitter Ax for Justin (and Milda, if you like), so you have the chance of instantly killing the enemies going forward. (And trust us, you’ll need all the help you can get. Having the Shadow Sword on Rapp will help a ton as well. Keep that Wrecking Ax handy though, so it can be used as a free BOOM! to save MP in the upcoming dungeons.)

So with that said, we recommend upgrading your ax(es). You can ignore everything else, pretty much. It’s not worth sacrificing a ton of your MOV stat just for a few DEF. (And do still remember that Rapp will be getting a better helmet in the first optional dungeon. Same with Milda’s shield.)

Don’t get too excited about the items here either. The descriptions for the Restraint Walnut and Running Walnut are wrong, so you can’t use the latter to boost your entire party’s ACT.

If you have the extra funds, remember that there is still plenty of awesome equipment that you need to buy in Zil Padon and Cafu as well. (Holy Sword Lorenzo, Lassic Hammer, Discus, Aura Armor, Lafa Flower Shield.)

When you’re done shopping, enter the village to meet Milda’s husband, Darlin… He’s a… what? That’s bull! -snort-

Talk to him and ask him all three questions that you can before you’re sent to talk to Derlin.

Leave Milda’s House, then head two doors west and into Derlin’s House. Talk to him to learn some more, then leave Derlin’s house and make your way to the eastern edge of town on the northeastern side.

The path in the snow to the southeast leads to Dorlin’s House (use the TownScope to help you out). Talk to him to learn that he’s a bit loopy, and won’t be of much help until we retrieve his horn.

That’s all we can do for now here in town, so once you’re prepared, leave Laine Village and head to the lower village: the Abandoned Laine Village.