Cafu Village in Grandia.

Grandia: Cafu Village

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Cafu Village
Save Points: Cafu Inn
Stashing Places: Cafu Inn

Make sure to stop at the Stashing Place at the Inn and get all of Sue and Gadwin’s old equipment out of it so you can sell them. (You can pull out the stat-boosting items if you like as well, but we’ll save ours for a while and use them after we’ve leveled Rapp up comfortably.

We also slapped Sue’s Angel’s Darts and a Tree God Amulet on him to reduce his SP consumption.)

Stop at the Weapons Store and check out their wares. You can practically upgrade EVERYTHING, so go for it! Special mention goes to two pieces of equipment:

  1. Winged Boots. Buy them for everyone, not only because they have decent defense and great move, but because the info on it is wrong. It doesn’t give you +35 MOV… it gives you +50 MOV, making them the 2nd best boots in the game!
  2. Lafa Flower Shield. These shields give your magic power level a +1 boost, and since there are barely any shields after this that give you anything more than a couple more defense, you’ll want to equip these on Justin, Feena, and Rapp (once you can afford it), and never remove them. (This goes double for Feena and your final party member, who are primarily magic users.)
Your next party member will join in the Tower of Doom. Since you won’t be able to come back to Cafu right away to upgrade her equipment, it’s best to buy a set of Winged Boots and a Swallowtail Hat and bring them with you for her.

She’ll also benefit from either an Officer’s Badge, Tree God Amulet, or Chain of Gems, if you still have them. (She’s VERY slow, so we’ll go with the Officer’s Badge.)

She uses the same weapons as Justin, but you’ll want to have her focus on her Mace level. If you can afford it, bring an Aromatic Tree Root for her to start with (or use Justin’s if you bought him one), even though you’ll find a pretty good hammer inside the Tower about halfway through.

When you’re done with all that, enter the actual village. Go around and talk to people so you can get to know Rapp, then when you’re done with that, go back to the gate and follow the green path up the stairs/trunk.

Go east and north to the elder’s house, then down to his first floor. Talk to the Elder down here for a bit of history of what’s happened recently. With that all said and done, it’ll be time to check out the Petrified Forest.

Leave the Elder’s House and get ready at the Inn so you can save and recover if you need to, then leave Cafu and head to the Petrified Forest.