Petrified Forest Grandia.

Grandia: Petrified Forest

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Petrified Forest
Gold: 200G, 200G, 600G, 600G, 200G, 200G, 200G, 200G, 200G, 200G, 200G, 200G, 200G, 600G, 200G
Items: Seed of Defense, Seed of Life, Seed of Magic, Mana Egg, Seed of Defense, Chocolate Cookies
Equipment: Paralysis Charm, Blizzard Charm
Enemies: Alligator, Land Slug, Sweet Moth
If for some reason you need to take care of anything in the Virgin Forest (like grinding Chameleons for cash), do it now. Once you clear the Petrified Forest and enter the Tower of Doom, you will no longer be able to access it.

Take a few steps northwest, and at the first bush, head southwest and grab the 200G at the dead-end. Continue northwest a little more to enter Old Cafu, where you’ll learn your next destination: The Tower of DOOOOOOM!

Run east-northeast from Rapp’s parents to find a Seed of Defense on the other side of a statue, then move northeast, turning southeast at a tree branch to find a chest containing a Paralysis Charm.

Paralysis Charm in Petrified Forest Grandia.

Check to the south of it to find 200G, then return to the chest and head southeast to find a Seed of Life behind the tree. Head back to the entrance of Old Cafu (northwest, then all the way west). Move a bit north-northwest, and you should see 600G behind a stone fruit to your west.

Head north-northwest to find a DungeonScope Icon. By using it, you should see gold to both west and north, so check both of those dead-ends for 600G and 200G.

Return to the Icon and head southeast. You should see a platform to your east/northeast with a stone guy at the top of it. Go around it clockwise to find 200G, then head directly north-northwest from the money to a Seed of Magic.

Seed of Magic in Petrified Forest Grandia.

Go southeast to another DungeonScope Icon, then head northeast a few steps to a fork. Take the southeastern path here to a dead-end with a Mana Egg!

Mana Egg in Petrified Forest Grandia.

We haven’t seen one of these in a while! Definitely head back to Cafu and use it on Rapp. I got him Wind for starters (considering that Water and Earth are much easier to level up in less time once you have 4 party members.)

Now, head back to the area where that last DungeonScope Icon is (far northeast) and take the northwestern path, following it until you come to 200G. Keep going northwest until you reach a tree. Move northeast and grab another 200G, then turn back around and make your way west to the second area of the Petrified Forest.

Use the DungeonScope Icon near you to see that you’re at a four-way intersection. You came from the southeast, so head southwest first to find 200G, then go back and head northeast. Keep going until you reach a curve, where you’ll find another 200G, then continue northwest to a fork.

Head southwest under the tree and follow the path as it curves around, eventually winding up at a dead-end with a Blizzard Charm.

Blizzard Charm in Petrified Forest Grandia.

Return to the tree and head northeast, north, and northwest, following the path until you reach another tree. Run southwest past a DungeonScope Icon to another tree and a flower nearby.

If you stand under this tree, Alligators will occasionally pop up under it, and they will keep doing so until they’re all gone! (Same goes with other trees in this area.) These Alligators are like the Chameleons in the Virgin Forest, only that they give quite a bit more EXP than gold, so if you want to gain levels, these guys are great for it!

Back at our first tree, move south from it to find 200G, then run west-southwest to another DungeonScope Icon. Head all the way southeast to find yet another 200G, then turn and go southwest from here to 200G. Pass through the trees to the northwest and north, then head northwest to another tree to your west, where you can walk through and grab a Seed of Defense.

Go back southeast, then turn northeast when you can. Once you reach the stone flower, head north to a tree, then west back to the DungeonScope Icon we saw before.

Go west through the tree, past a fork, then take the second path north to find 600G. Head back and take the first path north that we passed, staying to the east (if you walk along the west side while you go north, you’ll trigger a scene and will have to re-enter the Forest just to get a couple of items.)

Grab the Chocolate Cookies along the eastern side, then continue northeast from here and follow the path to 200G. Head back to where you found the Cookies, and go northwest to a stone path to trigger a scene, seeing the Tower of Doom.

Before actually entering the Tower of Doom, you might want to consider fighting those Alligators some more for quite a bit of EXP. Just go to the Tower of Doom, exit, then return to the Petrified Forest. You’ll be really close to the Alligators, which beats going all the way through the forest again!

You can also head back to Cafu and buy/sell/stash if you need to before entering the Tower. Once you’re there and take on the first boss, you’re stuck there until you complete it.