Dight Village in Grandia.

Grandia: Dight Village

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Dight Village
Save Points: Dight Inn
Stashing Places: Dight Inn

Once you enter, Gadwin will disappear for a few. Head to the Inn here (the first building) for a quick scene, then talk to Guido again for some quick knowledge. Feel free to talk to anyone in the town if you like. Otherwise, talk to the innkeeper afterward and stay the night. Finish up the dialogue the next morning, where you’ll regain control outside.

Follow the road here and you’ll come to the beach for one last scene before Gadwin rejoins. Before going to Mt. Typhoon, we need to take care of some stuff here!

First, back at the Inn, get the Tree God Amulet and Air Sneakers out for Gadwin, as he’ll greatly benefit from both of them. Afterward, go to the building next to the Inn, which is the Weapons Store.

Buy whatever you want. There are plenty of new and good weapons and armor, especially the Dragon Bone Ax if you can afford it. (If you want to save some money, don’t buy a new helmet for Justin or a new shield for Sue. We’ll find replacements in the next area that will suit them nicely.)

There are Mikeroma Scrolls for sale here as well. They’re not as good as the First Aid Kits, but if you’re out of them or just didn’t buy extra, these are the next best thing for quite a long while. Also, be sure to grab some Panaceas, as they restore any negative status! As for your two Mana Eggs…

  • Justin: Wind, Water
  • Sue: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth
  • Feena: Fire, Wind, Water
  • Gadwin: Fire, Earth

We made sure that Sue has all 4 spells now. If you’ve been following what we’ve been buying, you should only need to get Wind for Sue, then we used the other to get Wind for Feena. Don’t worry about Justin for now, as we’ll be getting a couple more eggs very soon.

When you’re completely ready, save at the Inn if you like, then leave Dight and head to Mt. Typhoon.