Mt. Typhoon in Grandia.

Grandia: Mt. Typhoon

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Mt. Typhoon
Items: Power Mushroom, Mana Egg, Move Mushroom, Dream Truffle, Seed of Magic, Health Weed, Health Weed
Equipment: Mushroom Shield, Disease Charm, Demon Sword Amulet
Gold: 130G, 130G, 130G, 390G, 130G, 130G, 130G, 130G, 130G, 390G, 390G
Enemies: Mold Bird, Klepp Soldier, Lizard Rider
This is another one of the very few times that something like this is available, but to the west of the entrance is a pool of poison. We recommend standing in that pool, then having everyone use Heal and Alheal to heal everyone, then standing in it again, then healing again, rinse, repeat. You (hopefully) did this in either the Dom Ruins or the End of the World, and can now do it again.

Unlike the others, you now have 4 party members, and take damage much, much more quickly, so this is the best spot in all of disc 1 (and most of the game) to level up your water magic. We strongly recommend taking the time to do it until all three of your party members are at Water level 12 so you get Alhealer for Feena, as well as a nice boost in all other Water and Blizzard magic for Justin and Sue. (Obviously, Gadwin can’t use Water.) If you like, you can go even higher, but 12 at this point of the game is already going to be massive overkill.

When you enter, walk north a little, then head northeast. Don’t step in any of the green poison, as it will damage your party if you touch it. Go north and behind the green waterfall to find a Power Mushroom, then keep moving east behind the waterfall to find 130G to the northeast.

Power Mushroom in Mt. Typhoon in Grandia.

Return to the entrance, then head west and across the mushrooms. Check to your northwest to find 130G. Use the DungeonScope Icon to the north see the layout of the area. Head east-northeast and up the mushrooms here, then go east and grab another 130G.

Check the next DungeonScope Icon to the east, then make your way east-southeast to find a rock in the river. Cross it there, then move north and up the mushrooms here. Continue across one more set of mushrooms here to find a lovely Mana Egg.

Mana Egg in Mt. Typhoon in Grandia.

Since we’ve barely made any progress here, take the time now to head back to Dight to use the Mana Egg. Hit R2 to change the compass arrow, go south and down the two sets of mushrooms, then head south into the green water and drop down the waterfall.

Follow the arrow straight back to the entrance, then go to the Weapons Store in Dight and buy your magic. Here’s where we’re at since we bought Fire for Justin:

  • Justin: Fire, Wind, Water
  • Sue: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth
  • Feena: Fire, Wind, Water
  • Gadwin: Fire, Earth

Head back to Mt. Typhoon. From the entrance, go north until you hit a wall. This is actually a ramp, so go east a little and climb it. Head up to the top and walk north a little to some large mushrooms. Climb down the mushrooms to the west, then continue west across more mushrooms to a DungeonScope Icon. Cross the mushrooms to the north, then continue north up another set of them. Walk west a little, then head north across the mushrooms to find 390G in the corner.

Take a few steps back south across the mushrooms, then head east-southeast, closely following the southern edge of the ledge and across some mushrooms to eventually come to a Move Mushroom. Head back across the large weird mushrooms you stepped over, then run northwest to the wall.

Follow this wall northeast and across the mushrooms to find a Mushroom Shield on the center mushroom. Equip this to whomever you didn’t buy a shield for in Dight. Get off on the east side, then move southeast.

Follow along the southern edge for a while, and you should see some money near the green river. Follow the edge as it turns southwest to get to the 130G. Venture to the north, following the compass arrow to the peak.

Head north and northeast across the larger mushrooms, then north to a chest containing a Disease Charm.

Disease Charm in Mt. Typhoon in Grandia.

Head south from there to find 130G, then go back west across the mushrooms.

Move west and take a look at the tents. The third tent you come to has 130G in the opening that you can pick up. If you move west some more, you’ll come to a big river of green sewage, along with gold on a mushroom in the center. If you want it that badly, start to go across the mushrooms on the southwestern side, jump off into the river, run to the mushroom, and grab the 130G, then go all the way northeast and east up the little ramp. Make sure to heal after that low-reward risk.

Head back south and west, cross the mushroom bridge, then go directly north-northeast up a long hill to a Demon Sword Amulet sitting on the ground. Go northwest to a tent. There’s nothing in this one, but check the one beside it to the northwest for 130G. Go north to the next tent, which is empty, then to the one to the north of this one, which has a Dream Truffle inside. Head east to the next tent, which is also empty, then move north and east of this tent to find a Seed of Magic by a bunch of mushrooms. (Make sure to use it on Feena.)

To your south-southwest is an empty tent, and the one southeast of that one is empty too, but if you go southwest from the entrance of the second tent, you’ll find a Health Weed. There’s a DungeonScope Icon to the west if you need one, but in any case, head east-northeast from it, past the two empty tents to your south, to another empty tent which is brown (and directly east of the Typhoon Tower entrance).

Go northeast from this tent, and you’ll find a lonely yellow tent with 390G inside. Head south-southeast to another brown tent. Neither this one, nor the yellow one beside it has anything in it, but there is another Health Weed to the south of the brown tent. Walk northwest to find another DungeonScope Icon, then head west-southwest of it to a yellow tent with 390G inside.

That’s it for the items in the tents, so go north and northwest, and enter Typhoon Tower.